Monday, January 31, 2011

Deployment and hairballs!

Deployment looms, made even more real when my husband put on his new multi cam uniform this morning.
I look all around and see women talking about it and getting depressed. My neighbor was looking forward to deploying with her husband (I was going to watch her cats while they were gone) and just found out she was not going to be allowed to deploy. She is heartbroken. She says she feels like a family member died. She talks of how many soldiers she sees trying to get pregnant or hurt on purpose so they do not have to deploy, and here she is trying everything she can to deploy, but is being denied. She has turned to pills (prescribed) and drinking (yes together), and I told her that she needs to find the silver lining in this. Things happen for a reason, and she will get through. I also pointed out that alcohol is a depressant, and that drinking will make it worse. 

People ask me if I am sad about my husband leaving. I tell them the truth. I try my best not to think about it. I want to spend the time left before he leaves being happy and spending quality time with him, not spending weeks or days crying over someone who is not even gone; the tears can wait.

Last night my husband was working on some counseling statements for work. One of our cats was lying behind my head and ran down to the floor to hack up a hairball. My husband started yelling at her to stop, that it was disgusting...

"Apparently she needs to get it out, don't yell at her!"

"But is is disgusting!"

"Well now she is done. She is your cat, so you can clean it."

"She is your cat too!"

"No, when you are home she is yours. When you are gone she is mine. You are home, you get to clean it up."

Made perfect sense to me, but when he went to clean it up he grabbed five paper towels.

"Do you really need that many???"

"Yes! It is disgusting!!"

I will miss all of these little moments that make me giggle, but in the meantime... I am going to enjoy them.


Beth said...

Wow, we read of soldiers being deployed but I for one, shamefully give little thought of the preparation and the countdown by families.
I really found your post so interesting in so many ways. It's an eye opener for me and a kick up the pants that I'm currently moaning that my husband is going away next week for 3 weeks with work. He works for ESPN so is going to a big sporting event - I should hang my head!!

Alyssa said...

Its always the little moments that mean the most.

I love the shes your cat when your here, shes my cat when your not reasoning. pure genius.