Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cancer- made a reality once again.

It has been a rough week. One of my friends Stateside just found out that she has leukemia. I have only known her since a few months before my husband left, but I grew close to her through daily Yahoo messaging and Skyping. When she first told me I was ok, a little choked up, then when I saw her on Skype I cried.

I cannot explain the closeness I feel to her. Maybe it is because our husbands are deployed together, maybe it is because she is a tough broad just like me. She has gone through so much recently, and through it all she keeps her humor and is bound and determined to beat this.

I think she reminds me of my mother in that aspect. My mother died of cancer when I was 12 years old. Through it all she never wanted anyone to pity her or baby her. She was always honest with me and her condition. I remember one day I went to go see her in the hospital and she told me "Laura, the doctors say I have 2 weeks to two months to live." I cried, I shut down for days. Her telling me that made the reality of her impending death that much more real; because up until that point she had been living with cancer, not dying from it.

I love my mother, and I miss her dearly. I learned a lot from her life and death, and I am going to try my best to be there for my friend while she goes through chemotherapy and whatever else they throw at her. I have plans to buy her funky wigs (I am going to get some for me too) in pink, purple and maybe blue. I am going to go and find her some colorful pretty scarves for her head. I am going to continue to joke with her and be there for her.

All I ask of you is to pray for her, send healing energy her way, or whatever it is you do.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Curses and banana bread!

So tonight I was invited out to dinner with some friends. As I was getting out of my vehicle I accidentally dropped my new camera. Luckily it did not break, but the lens bent/dented some on the outside and it will not auto focus now... so I need to buy a new one *sigh* . I was not too happy, but dinner was good. We went to the Stadtkrug and I had a house salad, Onion Steak, home fries, and a Fanta.

The place is amazing, they cook your steak over a German style BBQ right in front of you.

So I figured that would be the end of my bad luck for the night... I was wrong.
My kids wanted me to make banana bread, so I went into the kitchen and started mashing bananas. When I went to put the butter in the microwave I knocked a saucer off the counter and it broke. Then when I was reaching up to grab the baking spray to spray the loaf pan I knocked it out and it fell to the floor... I should just have taken that as a hint and gone to bed. The kids wanted banana bread and they shall have it! So I cooked it, took it out of the oven a little less than an hour later, and before the bread could even begin to cool the oldest was cutting into it. I hear screams from the living room a minute later as he is burning his mouth... serves him right.


It is delicious, seriously... you should try it.
Banana Bread
* 3 or 4 ripe bananas, smashed
* 1/3 cup melted butter
* 1 cup sugar (can easily reduce to 3/4 cup)
* 1 egg, beaten
* 1 teaspoon vanilla
* 1 teaspoon baking soda
* Pinch of salt
* 1 & 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour
Preheat the oven to 350°F
Mash up the bananas with a fork (it is easiest this way), then add melted butter. Mix them together then add the sugar, mix again, then the beaten egg, mix again, then the vanilla, baking soda, and salt. Mix in the flour then pour the mixture into a greased 4x8 inch loaf pan.

Bake for 1 hour.
You can either cool on a rack or serve it fresh and warm slathered in butter... mmmm....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Embrace Your Inner Goddess

I have kept to myself for a few days now. In the time I have kept to myself I have gotten through my laundry, started watching The Vampire Diaries, and relaxed a SHIT TON! What got me to this point? I will tell you...

Doing for others. I have been running all over helping other people. I was getting so stressed out that I could not think straight and I was losing control over my household (aka housework), schoolwork, and self in general. I was not happy, I was angry all of the time, and I did not like it! 

I was frustrated with doing things for other people, and inviting people to do things with me, but when it came time that they went to do something fun did they ever call me to go along?? NO! This is just wrong to me. 

The first day or two I was still angry over feeling used, now I am much better. I am calm, I am happy. Why? My house is slowly getting back to normal, everything I do I am doing for me. I am not going to put myself out for people who would not do the same for me... and I am happier being this way!

Today I got an email from an acquaintance. She blogs too. Her blog is more of a personal diary in which she can type out her thoughts and feelings to get things out (the reason I started my blog). She wrote a blog about how bitchy she has been. She quickly detailed her day and the little things that pissed her off; in the process she pissed someone off. I had the same thing happen to me when I first started blogging. Something I wrote got someone I knew all butt hurt. She wanted to know what she should do. I told her that the person that I butt hurt over my post and I are not friends anymore, but I realized that she is not the kind of person I needed as a friend. We kinda talk now, but we are not friends by any stretch of the imagination. The thing is, if that person is a friend, and I mean a real friend, things will work out. Whatever is meant to be will happen. I read the blog, but I do not see how anyone would get butt hurt over what she wrote. 

What I saw was someone (her) in a highly sensitive state that is getting upset over everything right now. Nothing very serious (in my opinion). She did not name names, and apparently SOMEONE must have felt guilty for running their mouth or something... just as in my blog I did not name any names and SOMEONE felt guilty for being selfish. Guilt turns into anger when they don't want to take responsibility for their own actions (it is easier to shift blame).  

Don't feel bad for what you write, I never do. Don't let the little things upset you so much- and if you really think about it they are little things. Learn to WOOSAH and let the little shit go. Is it really worth getting that upset over? Don't let others dictate your mood.

This is why I stopped doing for others and I am spending my time alone at home doing what I want, because I am not going to allow people to take advantage (aka use) me anymore. It is just emotionally and physically draining.

Take control over you! You cannot have a grip on life if you cannot get a grip on you. Be a Goddess and embrace it!

Speaking of Goddesses... a friend of mine (who I awarded the Stylish Blogger Award to in my last post) has started a "Follow Homie" Segment. Go check out her blog and see what she is doing. I know I am following Homie!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

This is MY day.. and the Stylish Blogger Award!!!

Today has been a "Me" day. I cleaned my room, scrubbed the bathroom literally from ceiling to floor, and am having family game night with the kids.

Tomorrow I am taking the daughter to get new sheets and pillows, because (like me) she responds well to retail therapy.

I have been running all over helping others and dealing with the problems of others and I am worn out. If people get mad at me, so be it. I am being selfish this weekend!

Last night the husband called and the daughter got to speak to him. At first she was reluctant, but as soon as she heard his voice her face lit up and she was all smiles. I am beginning to think some of her sadness comes from him being gone. She wears his dog tags every day. She says she is doing ok, but she is a lot like me and does not want to bother anyone with her worries.

So, to everyone... here is to a great weekend! The end of my week was awesome because I got $20 from Tyson after I emailed them to complain that I found a 1" chicken bone in my popcorn chicken, then that night I got a $25 Amazon gift card from BlogFrog! And finally, yesterday I was told that I got the Stylish Blogger award... so...

The rules are of course:
Rule #1: Thank my gifter. 

To Dontcha Wish You Could Blog Like Me? thank you for the award.. and yes, I do.

Rule #2- Tell you wonderful people 7 things about me. 

1)  I have a very hard time saying "no" to people, because of this I am always running around for others.

2) I exaggerate sometimes. Hey! I have to  in order to make things interesting! Sometimes I exaggerate because it is just how I feel.
3) Most people think I am a bitch or are afraid of me. I understand the bitch part, but why fear? 
4) When I was younger I was a stripper... yeah... don't judge.
5) I used to be a foster child.
6) I worry about what others think of me. I know I shouldn't, but I crave acceptance.
7) My in laws hated me when they first met me. I told my mother in law (to her face) that she was bi-polar and needed medication.

Last, but not least...

Rule #3: Give the Stylish Blogger Award to 15 of my favorite Bloggers. Since I think 15 is a big number, I will do 5... sorry folks, I have been known to break the rules (besides, I have laundry to do). Besides, isn't it more special to be one of 5 rather than 1 of 15??? Yeah, I thought so too...

And here they are, in no particular order! *drum roll please*

1) Michelle at Michelle "The Rib" A Jack of all trades and a master of none, she is a mother of 3, wife to an American soldier, Family Readiness Support Assistant, Photographer, baker and much, much more! Her husband calls her "Rib", its an Adam and Eve thing.

2) This Daddys Blog I am always fascinated by men blogging on being a daddy and husband.

3) Wantusi at ♥ Unveiled - Used, Abused, Abandoned, Silenced She was one of the first people I followed. Awesome woman!

4) Robin over at Madder in Mada He is in Madagascar, and I love his posts, his photos, well.. his blog. 

5) Beth at Crazy Side of Life She was also one of the first people I started to follow, I love reading her posts. She is a Welsh expatriate living in Singapore for the past 13 years with her husband and two daughters.

So go on over and check them all out! To the ones I awarded, pass it on! You've got style!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I am at a loss...

I am not sure what to do. Does anyone know how it feels as a parent to see your child suffering in any way and not know how to fix it?

My daughter is 11 years old. She is super emotional and cries very easily. Lately she has been complaining of stomach pain and ankle pain. The doctors cannot find anything wrong with her, the school nurse has grown tired of seeing her in her office crying, I am frustrated with having to go get her because she will cry harder if she cannot come home.

She has a lot of friends, she is well liked, she is not bullied... that is not the issue. Today I had to get her from school again because her stomach was hurting and she was feeling like she was going to throw up. While I was there I spoke with the school psychologist and we set it up so my daughter can start seeing her. On the way home my daughter told me that she is sad, but she does not know why. She does not want to cry all the time, but she does not know how to stop it. The psychologist is going to work with her on being more in control of her emotions and learn how to calm herself. She thinks that my daughter might need an antidepressant temporarily. That hurts.

Why is she sad? Has puberty rebelled on her? How can I make it all better?

Can I blame her sperm donor for creating a traumatic early childhood for her? After an unsupervised weekend with her biological father when she was three she told me that a man came to the door at her father's house and he had a gun. She said that she, her little brother, and her father's girlfriend had to go upstairs and hide in the closet. She would tell me how she saw her father beat his girlfriend.

"He hit her Mommy."

I refused to send them to him again after that. I wrote everything down. I recorded what she said. The judge allowed me to refuse visitation if I felt that their father was under the influence of drugs or alcohol- that was easy, he was never sober.

She had night terrors. I would be awoken in the middle of the night by her screaming like she saw a ghost. I would go in her room and she would be standing on her bed, squeezing herself into the corner of the wall and screaming and crying. After a few years the night terrors would stop, but when puberty hit the crying over everything started. I did not have much of a reprieve between the two.

She does not remember him, she does not remember witnessing the abuse, but has the damage stuck with her on a subconscious level? Yes, he beat me too, she saw it then. She remembers nothing, not even him or what he looks like. Did his actions towards me and his girlfriend have a lasting effect?

How can I help her? I feel so powerless. I brought her home, gave her some medicine for her stomach that makes her sleep. She is in bed sleeping and I am downstairs with my mind racing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update, and why I need pills and coffee.

I am beginning to lose faith in humanity... I really am.

I am tired of Facebook in the sense that I see status updates like: "I do not like drama at all, but..." and go into something that is sure to incite 50+ comments on their drama free post.

How about the non stop posts about how much someone misses their husband and wishes they would call/get online? I am honestly sick of these women who never seem to leave their house or get off of the computer because they are afraid they are going to miss their husband. You know what happens when they do that? They do not hear from them and then the status updates get lonelier and more whiny/depressed. Why do they do that to themselves? I have been on the computer LESS than I ever was when my husband was home!


I want people to stop asking me to do things for them. I am tired. There are things that I have no problem doing (like buying and sending things downrange), but then there are things that I end up doing because the other person is just too damn lazy to do it themselves, or they know I will say yes. I just wish someone would do something for me or even OFFER to do something for me for once! OK, someone has... and she is all the way in California!

I have gotten a few donations already for my packages to the troops thing, so please take a moment and donate $5 or $10 or whatever you can spare. I want to do a hygiene box with toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc. Whenever I make a box I will take a picture and post it so everyone can see what is being done (like the ink cartridges that cost almost $300 by the way).

I may be getting more hours at work... not sure yet, and I am a little annoyed at this as well. My boss told me yesterday that the full time manager put in her resignation, and now she is trying to decide whether she wants to have a full time with a part time on call, two part times with a part time on call, or just two part timers. She never said where I fit in with the whole thing, but she did say that this means I will get more hours. Why say anything if you have no idea what it means to me???

I think I need to take my happy pills again, I see my angry side coming out. At least my kids understand my insanity. This morning my youngest son was in the kitchen with me while I was making my coffee. He had a glass of water so that he could take his meds (Concerta for ADHD). He looked at me and said "OK". I told him that his coffee was in the living room on the coffee table. He started walking to the living room. Halfway there I realized what I said and corrected myself.

"Medicine! Your medicine is in the living room! Did I say coffee?"

"Yeah, you did."

"Well, at least you know what I meant."

And finally, weeks ago I ordered a movie from Amazon. I finally got it in the mail yesterday. It is called Female Agents (English Title). It is a French movie (like made by the French) set in May 1944. A group of French servicewomen and resistance fighters are enlisted into the British Special Operations Executive commando group under the command of Louise Desfontaines and her brother Pierre. Their mission is to rescue a British army geologist caught reconnoitering the beaches at Normandy, and to kill a German SS colonel who is close to figuring out the imminent secret of D-Day. I ordered the movie because my friend, Colin David Reese, is in it as the Colonel Maurice Buckmaster. If you can deal with subtitles (because the majority of this movie is in French and I believe German), I HIGHLY suggest you see it. I loved it. It was a little hard to get into at first (maybe it was the subtitles thing, and arguing with the oldest over who was speaking what- and I am waiting on Colin to email me back to resolve a dispute over language in the movie), but it took off and was not hard to get into the story at all. Oh, and it is based on a true story.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hospital, pottery, and shoes... OH MY!

Today I took my friend to Landstuhl for a pre op appointment since she is having her wisdom teeth removed tomorrow... it took three and a half hours! Three. And. A. Half. HOURS! I am not upset at her, it is not her fault... it was just really frustrating (and she will agree with me on that). At one point we had to get on the elevator to go back to the 1st floor... the problem is, um... which first floor to choose? I was highly confused for a moment.

So after we left there we decided to have some retail therapy. We drove on to Ramstein and proceeded to the mall. I did get Jeff his 15 ink cartridges for his printer, but I needed a box to pack them in. Since my feet were KILLING me, my ankle was hurting horribly, and Tiffany talked me into it, I got a new pair of comfy shoes and used the box to pack the ink in to send to him.
Yes, there are 15 in here...
I also hit up the Polish Pottery shop. I really wanted a teapot. Sooo.... I got a teapot, and a coffee mug with a saucer...

Milk and sugar thingies with a carrying tray for them...

I had to have the kitties for the milk thingie (Thingie is Polish... or something)

I want to get more, but I have specific things in mind... and maybe I will actually go to Poland to get them!

Also... I just found out that I was featured as a guest blogger on Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier
Check her out!
And THANK YOU Kimberly!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Help me Help the Troops!!!!

OK, here is the deal. I have a few friends that want or may want to send stuff to the guys deployed right now. Since I can send everything at no charge it would be cheaper for everyone to have me get everything and send it to them.

Do not feel obligated to do anything; if you want to help, please do. Every little bit helps. I just know that my husband and I cannot afford to purchase everything that is needed (like printer ink), and I know that there are other guys there that would like a care package.

If you have a specific request of something you would like to send with your contribution please let me know and I will do my best.

I know they like movies, soda's (I can ship them because I am APO), snacks, food other than MRE's...

Last deployment my husband said he wanted a pussy... so I sent him this:

He LOVED it!

So if you want to help you can find my PayPal button on the side of the blog. If you would rather not I respect that too :)

What do moo have?

There are things I love to collect. One is the things I pick up from my travels- little trinkets from different countries and places to show I have been there. The other is cows. I LOVE cows. Holstein cows, the pretty black and white ones. I used to have an enormous collection. A lot of Mary's Moo Moos because they were so cute...

Unfortunately my asshole of an ex (the kid's sperm donor) destroyed all of them when I left him. I mean ALL of my cow things. The Tea Cattle

The cow print ice tea jug... everything I had that could be broken, he broke. It took me YEARS to get all of those things. My collection was gone. I was heartbroken.

Fortunately I have great friends, and when they see something "cow" they get it for me. My collection is no where near what it used to be, but it is getting there. I have picked up a few things myself, but for the most part my collection consists of things friends got for me.

My youngest son got me these mini clogs for Christmas this year.

My husband got this hat at Oktoberfest in M√ľnchen (Munich) this past year. Yes that is Tom Servo, Gypsy, and Crow figurines up top for you MST3K geeks.

A hanging sign that I need to buy twine to fix and a Chupa Chups milk can my friend Lori got for me.

Paper towel holder someone else gave me... I need to find some black doll hair to glue back on.

Salt and Pepper dispenser... my husband got me two of these, so one is in the kitchen, one is in the dining room.

Wooden shoes I got in Holland, a cow Lori got me, and a cow wearing Leiderhosen bank (I also have two of those).

A cow throw Lori got me.

A picture Lori got me... see a trend here? Lori gets me a LOT!

I am pretty sure almost everything on this shelf (including the shelf) aside from the clock on the bottom shelf and the Mary Moo Moo on the middle shelf is from Lori.

She even got me these cow curtains *big grin*

A coffee cup I picked up in a German thrift store...

Salt and Pepper shakers I got in.... hmmm... I forgot where ;)

And finally I got these cow stickers for the wall... they belong in MY kitchen!

One day my collection will be where I want it. I would love to get another tea cattle, more Mary's Moo Moos, anything cow really... but as it took seconds to destroy what I had before, it will take me years to build it back up again.

What do you collect?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"I need". A rant, by: Laura *ahem*

Yesterday I went to the post office and mailed out 5 boxes of stuff and a Tuff Box full of shit to my husband.

A Tuff Box is a little smaller than a foot locker.
The box weighed 67 lbs 14.5 oz.

I figured I would be good and not have to mail anything else out for a while.

I was sooooo fucking wrong!
He calls me this morning to let me know he needs ten #92 and five #93 ink cartridges for his printer.

Really? Fucking really??? He needs it because he says he is the only one with a printer out there right now. OK, and is anyone helping to pay for this shit? NO! 
I understand they need a printer, but I do not understand why every FUCKING time they need something that my husband has WE have to pay for it!!! Printer ink is NOT CHEAP!!!
No fucking reimbursement.

I am mad.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Dad and my Favorite Town. Its a twofer!

Yesterday I finally heard from my husband It was nice talking to him, and frustrating at the same time. The phone call was cutting out so bad at times I just wanted to slam the phone repeatedly into the wall... I am used to it though... just like Iraq.

I called my Dad last night. I got an email from a lady in the town that he lives telling me that my Dad wanted her to tell me he was sending the kids' birthday money. The oldest is the only who has a birthday this month. I called him to see what was up, and he said he thought all of them had birthdays this month, so he sent money for them all. Now I need to hold on to $200 (and not spend it) till September.

My father is ex-military. A grizzled old man who has a passion for old military weapons. Here is my father doing what he loves. I really wish I had more photos of him. Last night at the end of the phone call I told Dad I love him. He replied with an "I loooove you, and I love the kids. Let everyone know that." It sounded so sad, it made me sad. One reason I hate being in Germany, I am too far from my father. We are the only family he has.

Today the oldest and I are going to Idar-Oberstein. That is one of my favorite places to go. The town is beautiful, and the shopping is great! Idar-Oberstein is where the actor Bruce Willis was born. His father was an American soldier stationed here in Baumholder. Idar-Oberstein has a castle there, it is pretty much ruins now, but you can walk up the mountain (up 100 some odd steps) to go see the castle.
Can you see it hidden up there? At the very top of the mountain/hill.

One thing that Idar-Oberstein is famous for is the church in the rock. This church is built right into the side of the rock of mountain, right below the castle. It is still open today, used for weddings and such. It is a beautiful sight!

 It is a beautiful town, I love going there. I have not been there since November right before I had surgery on my knee... I can hear it calling me!

Besides, where else can you go to buy some schmucks?

BTW, schmuck means jewelry in German :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It has been a week that my husband left, and I still have not cried. I have found myself to be getting extremely bitchy lately, I mean like big time. I want to scream, I want to yell...

I am pissed at my online classmates. Little things, but enough to make me dread class a little. One person wrote in their bio "I have learned to grow a mother and women"... um... really? WHAT?

Another one, an obvious Christian (of which I am not... sorry, say I am going to hell and I am ok with that since I do not believe in hell either) stated "If the Lord delay his coming, I hope to have my BA in Health and Human Service Management in November of this year." Um.. so if the Lord comes is all that education and money spent gone to waste??

More than a year ago I had a classmate actually write: "I remember when we digested pigs in science class". I literally laughed about that one for days... still do with just the visual I get with that statement!

I guess my point is, I know I can look forward to preaching in this class, bad spelling, bad grammar, and maybe a bald spot from pulling out my blonde and pink locks. 

First attempt...

Here is my humble attempt at removing the color from a photo aside from the subjects. 

These are some parrots that I saw in Honduras, I love their color, I love this picture (altered and not).

I just got an upgrade to my photo editor, so this is all new to me... hope I did not miss a spot!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just be honest!

For a while I have been meaning to mention in my posts that I read everyone's comments, I just do not reply all of the time because I am not sure if people will stop back by the post to check to see if I replied, and as far as I know there is no way for people to get emails to replies on comments (if someone out there knows how I can do this please let me know).

I appreciate all of my readers, I love the comments I get, and I am really sorry for being so bitchy lately. I am not the most sympathetic person in the world, I can be depending on the person or situation, but for the most part I find myself rolling my eyes and breathing a deep sigh. Lately I get annoyed easily and find myself not really feeling up to chatting or making small talk. I do not feel depressed, I just feel really touchy.

I feel bad for how I have been, and I really do not mean to offend anyone... so if I have I am sorry. If I do upset you, shoot me a message and let me know. Trust me, if you are upset with me the best thing to do is let me know, because chances are I have done something that I am not aware of. Do not sugar coat it, and do not lie... that causes more harm than good. I am reminded of my removal from the FRG (and I am really grateful for that removal). I was told they wanted me to step down because my husband was being moved to be attached to another unit. I knew it was bullshit. I am not stupid. I knew it was because I was not the best fit for the position, I will agree with that, I KNEW  I was not a good fit!!! I just wish they could have been honest with me instead of lying to my face. Because I was lied to I lost respect for them instantly. I am a big girl, I can handle the truth. I told them that I was relieved that I was being asked to step down, because honestly I was not wanting to do this anymore... and rather than be honest with me then, they continued on with the lies.

I have been lied to a lot since I have been here, and quite frankly I am sick of it. I am an honest person... brutally honest. Some people can handle that, some people cannot. My friends have no issue with telling me "Laura, you are getting out of hand" or something along those lines when I am being too negative. I appreciate it, I really do. Sometimes I need a kick in the ass to make me realize how I am acting in order to straighten up.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I blame... someone...

I have been sitting around for the better part of the week trying to think of SOMETHING to blog about that would not end up in a long winded rant (because I am UBER bitchy/snappy right now).

I miss my husband, I really do... I may not gush about it all the damn time, every damn day all over Facebook, but that does not mean I do not love him any less... it means I am trying to live NORMALLY! I do not plant myself in front of the computer willing him to come online or refuse to leave the house because I might miss his call. I did that in the beginning of the first deployment I went through and I will not do it again... it makes things worse.

I consider myself lucky that I have friends that know that I do not want to talk about this deployment, and want to do things to keep themselves busy (with me). I am grateful for my awesome support system. I have a friend that does for me what I would do for her if she got down and started feeling sorry for herself. She tells me everything will be fine, the husband knows what he is doing and is good at what he does. We knew what we got ourselves into when we married our husbands, so suck it up and drive on... oh, and here is some wine :)
I love her to death, and I am very grateful to have her as a friend. In this picture we had gone to a Shisha Bar before she took me on my first trip to a German Club... I had fun with the Shisha, the club was not as fun for me... but we went out because our husbands were gone training and we refuse to sit at home and do nothing! This is how we are!!!

I try not to get upset (aka jealous) when I see on Facebook that other's have spoken to their husbands either on the phone or online. I remember that Jeff and I said that phone calls would be few and far between... for us there is nothing worse than calling and then having nothing interesting to talk about, that and we do not NEED to talk everyday. He knows I can handle everything back home just fine without him, and I know he is quite capable of doing his job.

I also get upset when I see the decline of some of the women in their "I am so depressed, feel sorry for me, I have no idea how to live without my husband"  status updates. Seriously? If you cannot handle being alone, and cannot be alone and function normally, PLEASE do not marry a man in the military! I know that there is sadness and depression at first, that is fine, that is NORMAL... but please do not wallow in it, the rest of us have a really hard time feeling sorry for you. There are some women that are fine being super supportive for the entire year, have no issue hearing the whining and crying for the entire year... and to those women: HOW DO YOU DO THAT???? All that keeps going through my mind is: "Suck it up Buttercup!" I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone that is making no effort to change their mood and become productive. I get disgusted with those women that cannot do things on their own because "their husband always did it" so they will not do it till he gets home... really????

We have to be strong. We have to know how to fix things from putting together furniture, fixing the plumbing, fixing the car (I replaced a headlight assembly and fixed the tail light all by myself!!!), or anything else that goes wrong on our own. Military wives CANNOT be helpless, ever.
I love Pink's portrayal of Rosie the Riveter

So yeah... see, I did not want to rant, and look what I did. Damn you....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where are all my partier's at????

Seriously... where are they? I went to the store today to find a BETTER COOLER wine bottle to replace the one that my oldest son THREW AWAY...

Yes, he threw away that blue one I posted about in a blog earlier... I could have killed him.

I was walking around and found this:

I bought the absinth just for the bottle... so now I need to try to find people brave enough to drink it. Not me. One German lady that I know compared it to Everclear (aka rubbing alcohol). I HAD to get it, because this stuff cannot be bought in the States, and hell... when will I see this bottle again?

So... where are my partier's at?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's a ZOO!!!!

Almost 2 weeks ago one of my neighbors came to me stating that she was having pain in her legs and she needed to go to the hospital. She has a puppy and 3 birds and needed someone to take care of them while she was in the hospital... like a dumb ass I told her I would.

She would call every day to check on "The Chico", her husband even called me from Afghanistan to let me know what was going on (since she did not speak English too well) and check on the birds and puppy. Today is the 5th day that she has not called, I have heard nothing from her, and have no idea how much longer I have to watch this terror.

Oh sure, Chico is cute... on the outside...

But he is a terror... he chases the cats around the house, he is NOT housebroken and I find little "gifts" from him all over the house; believe me, his mother is renting me a Rug Doctor when she gets out of the hospital...

I bought puppy training pads, and he uses them maybe HALF of the time. I got him chew bones and he continues to chew on everything else he can find. Yes I understand that he is a puppy, but at his age (maybe 4-6 months) he should have been house trained. I think she is perfectly happy to clean up his pee and poop from the floors rather than take the time needed to housebreak "The Chico". 

My husband was DONE with Chico before he left, my kids are DONE with Chico, I am DONE with Chico, and the cats are most definitely DONE with Chico...
Sammie and Soxxy watching Chico tear through the house like a lunatic.
Does anyone have some puppy Prozac, maybe some puppy Ritalin to spare they can send my way??? Maybe send the Dog Whisperer my way...
I have been trying to use his techniques, but maybe they have not been working because the techniques I used were South Park's Dog Whisperer's techniques...

Does anyone else have any suggestions??