Monday, March 7, 2011

Just be honest!

For a while I have been meaning to mention in my posts that I read everyone's comments, I just do not reply all of the time because I am not sure if people will stop back by the post to check to see if I replied, and as far as I know there is no way for people to get emails to replies on comments (if someone out there knows how I can do this please let me know).

I appreciate all of my readers, I love the comments I get, and I am really sorry for being so bitchy lately. I am not the most sympathetic person in the world, I can be depending on the person or situation, but for the most part I find myself rolling my eyes and breathing a deep sigh. Lately I get annoyed easily and find myself not really feeling up to chatting or making small talk. I do not feel depressed, I just feel really touchy.

I feel bad for how I have been, and I really do not mean to offend anyone... so if I have I am sorry. If I do upset you, shoot me a message and let me know. Trust me, if you are upset with me the best thing to do is let me know, because chances are I have done something that I am not aware of. Do not sugar coat it, and do not lie... that causes more harm than good. I am reminded of my removal from the FRG (and I am really grateful for that removal). I was told they wanted me to step down because my husband was being moved to be attached to another unit. I knew it was bullshit. I am not stupid. I knew it was because I was not the best fit for the position, I will agree with that, I KNEW  I was not a good fit!!! I just wish they could have been honest with me instead of lying to my face. Because I was lied to I lost respect for them instantly. I am a big girl, I can handle the truth. I told them that I was relieved that I was being asked to step down, because honestly I was not wanting to do this anymore... and rather than be honest with me then, they continued on with the lies.

I have been lied to a lot since I have been here, and quite frankly I am sick of it. I am an honest person... brutally honest. Some people can handle that, some people cannot. My friends have no issue with telling me "Laura, you are getting out of hand" or something along those lines when I am being too negative. I appreciate it, I really do. Sometimes I need a kick in the ass to make me realize how I am acting in order to straighten up.


alejandro guzman said...

This is all I have to say LOL

alejandro guzman said...

Ron said...

Hello - To be perfectly honest, I just found your blog in Blogplicity, and thought I'd see what you had to say. I'll go back and read earlier posts, and stop in again...honest! :)

Laura said...

Thanks AG, that made me laugh, and hi Ron! Glad to have you stop in!

Jessica M said...

Usually when I go to a blog to leave a comment there is somewhere in the comment form where I can select that will allow me to see responses to my comment via email. I don't see such a choice on this form though. You might want to see if you can figure out how to put that there...that way people will see when you respond and be able to read it.

Yeah i've thought about that too..whether anyone reads my replies to their comments, you never know I try to comment back, though sometimes I don't always.

Anyways, looking forward to reading some more of your posts :)

Mare said...

Yep, I am not the foo foo girly girl go to the party or military ball type. I get my hands dirty and expect respect for that and like you said honesty. I hate blanket emails. Got one today. Makes me mad they can't respond to each individually esp those not on post. Mare steps of the bitchy soap box. But Laura I agree!

Michelle said...

Laura! Your getting out of hand! LOL!!!! Just kidding lady! You are fine. Your personality is fun and refreashing. Other people just need to learn to respect and accept others as they are. =)
It was nice chatting with you today!
Hope to see you come in EVERY time you get coffee!


Jewell said...

Laura...I'm right there with ya girl! Honesty, even the brutal sort, is always the best policy. Political correctness is a load of *crap* (cleaning up my language because I don't know you well *chuckle*).

As for feeling touchy and bitchy...that's what readers are here for. If we couldn't handle it we wouldn't be here.... I can't say that you are out of line at all, or at least since I've been reading your blog. I think that you are justified considering the man just deployed again. And while I'm not a military wife, I would imagine that, no matter how many times deployment happens, there is always an adjustment period.

As for comments, I always subscribe for follow-up comments on any blog that I leave a comment on. If I check it on Blogger blogs it will send an email when any other comments are posted on the post. So if you were to respond to this comment I would get a note, but that's because I am using my Google account for my blog. I don't really know how it would work for those that don't leave a comment using a Google account. Clear as mud, right? =)

Laura said...

Yes, clear as mud... :)

Don't worry about language... I cuss like a soldier ;)

Jewell said...

Awesome! =) I cuss like a whole platoon of soldiers! =) Filter is officially off! =) *snicker*

Here's a link to a comment form where it shows the little check box, for someone who's logged in to their google account when leaving a comment, to get emails about further comments on a post.