Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Embrace Your Inner Goddess

I have kept to myself for a few days now. In the time I have kept to myself I have gotten through my laundry, started watching The Vampire Diaries, and relaxed a SHIT TON! What got me to this point? I will tell you...

Doing for others. I have been running all over helping other people. I was getting so stressed out that I could not think straight and I was losing control over my household (aka housework), schoolwork, and self in general. I was not happy, I was angry all of the time, and I did not like it! 

I was frustrated with doing things for other people, and inviting people to do things with me, but when it came time that they went to do something fun did they ever call me to go along?? NO! This is just wrong to me. 

The first day or two I was still angry over feeling used, now I am much better. I am calm, I am happy. Why? My house is slowly getting back to normal, everything I do I am doing for me. I am not going to put myself out for people who would not do the same for me... and I am happier being this way!

Today I got an email from an acquaintance. She blogs too. Her blog is more of a personal diary in which she can type out her thoughts and feelings to get things out (the reason I started my blog). She wrote a blog about how bitchy she has been. She quickly detailed her day and the little things that pissed her off; in the process she pissed someone off. I had the same thing happen to me when I first started blogging. Something I wrote got someone I knew all butt hurt. She wanted to know what she should do. I told her that the person that I butt hurt over my post and I are not friends anymore, but I realized that she is not the kind of person I needed as a friend. We kinda talk now, but we are not friends by any stretch of the imagination. The thing is, if that person is a friend, and I mean a real friend, things will work out. Whatever is meant to be will happen. I read the blog, but I do not see how anyone would get butt hurt over what she wrote. 

What I saw was someone (her) in a highly sensitive state that is getting upset over everything right now. Nothing very serious (in my opinion). She did not name names, and apparently SOMEONE must have felt guilty for running their mouth or something... just as in my blog I did not name any names and SOMEONE felt guilty for being selfish. Guilt turns into anger when they don't want to take responsibility for their own actions (it is easier to shift blame).  

Don't feel bad for what you write, I never do. Don't let the little things upset you so much- and if you really think about it they are little things. Learn to WOOSAH and let the little shit go. Is it really worth getting that upset over? Don't let others dictate your mood.

This is why I stopped doing for others and I am spending my time alone at home doing what I want, because I am not going to allow people to take advantage (aka use) me anymore. It is just emotionally and physically draining.

Take control over you! You cannot have a grip on life if you cannot get a grip on you. Be a Goddess and embrace it!

Speaking of Goddesses... a friend of mine (who I awarded the Stylish Blogger Award to in my last post) has started a "Follow Homie" Segment. Go check out her blog and see what she is doing. I know I am following Homie!


Crazysheika said...

Thank You.

Jessica M said...

It's important to retain a sense of identity even if being pulled in different directions from others (like our children, spouse , etc. ) Good reminder to remember who we are and take time out for ourselves.

alejandro guzman said...

Laura you are so right! So I'm sorry hehe.
@ jessica. And commentors like moi


Jewell said...

Laura...Hurrah!!! Excellent post, and you are so right on so many levels. Good for you that you are taking time for so deserve it! The friends that matter - they will rise to the surface! =) xo

YogaSavy said...

I am woman hear me roar! Laura I hear you loud and clear and you deserve it.