Saturday, March 12, 2011

"I need". A rant, by: Laura *ahem*

Yesterday I went to the post office and mailed out 5 boxes of stuff and a Tuff Box full of shit to my husband.

A Tuff Box is a little smaller than a foot locker.
The box weighed 67 lbs 14.5 oz.

I figured I would be good and not have to mail anything else out for a while.

I was sooooo fucking wrong!
He calls me this morning to let me know he needs ten #92 and five #93 ink cartridges for his printer.

Really? Fucking really??? He needs it because he says he is the only one with a printer out there right now. OK, and is anyone helping to pay for this shit? NO! 
I understand they need a printer, but I do not understand why every FUCKING time they need something that my husband has WE have to pay for it!!! Printer ink is NOT CHEAP!!!
No fucking reimbursement.

I am mad.


Bongo said...

Go ahead get it out... get it ALLLLLLLLLLLLL out... LOL...As always...XOXOXOXO

Laura said...

Looks like I will get it all out... all the money on our credit card... fuckers.

alejandro guzman said...

ahem! has the military spent all their funding on boots?

cheers A

Crazysheika said...

Girl! I know that you can be fairly upset about this. I know that others there could pitch in some ink. In fact why dont you tell your hubby that. Go ahead and send the ink. But do not send anymore. Tell him that as long as everyone is using it that they can all have their wives send them the ink or the money to buy more. :)

Laura said...

Sheika, it is not that simple. I can vent all I want... but when it comes down to it whatever he needs I will send him. He needs it, the guys need it. I will continue to bitch about it, and hope that at some point someone there will man up and pitch in (or their wives will)... doubtful, but I am not going to set him up for failure.

tmac2271 said...

Damn................but yeah that can get really frustrating after awhile but at the end of the day for your husband you're gonna do the best you can. The thing is, everyone has limited resources, and there's only so much you can do all by yourself. I really hope someone else starts pitching in to help them because it's not fair for you or him. =(

Mare said...

I got your back...this old one at times has a functioning brain. I think we have come up with a great plan Laura. Hang in there girl your my only link to my man. I support you 100%. We will do this girl!! Sending you OLD GRAY MARE LOVE From the states!

Mare said...

It has been this way as long as Dave has been in the service. The only thing I can say is after the dep there is a what worked and didn't work debrief...bring it up with a copy of receipts. Ever since Dave has been an NCO in the other life (Air Force Reserves)we never received compensation for mission essential personally paid for items. I doubt things will change now, however I will help you pay as you have stated Laura, we will never compromise the mission or the safety of our men by denying their needs.