About Me

I am new to this bloggie thing. It is how I waste time, it is how I connect, it is how I vent, it is how I brag! I am a mother, a wife, and to top it off I work. I have 3 beautiful children at home with me, and even though my oldest is a man, he is still my child.

My husband is in the Army, but I try to keep that life separate from my personal life. While deployments are difficult, and I may blog about that from time to time, I am still my own person. I cannot blog about being the wife of a soldier all the time. It might come up now and again because it IS a part of my life, but I prefer to showcase ME, because it is all about ME!!!!

While I know that not every blog I write will interest everyone, I do hope that at least some of my blogs are "read worthy". I also have some Vlogs and other videos on My YouTube Channel <---Check it out!!!

I am open to blogging ideas, and if there is a subject you would like to see me cover I will do it...
If there is something you think should be added to my page, let me know (and let me know how to add it). I try to adjust my page when I can and add new things to make it more accessible, if it is not here it is because I did not think of it, did not want it, or have no friggin idea how to add it! You can email me HERE! HERE! CLICK ME!!!!