Saturday, April 21, 2012

So much chaos!

Yes, I know it has been a while since I posted a blog, no excuses... well a few... I was working, and then quit my job so we could go to Spain; they would not give me the time off since "I just took a week off to spend time with my hubby post deployment", never mind that I only took one week off of work when he was home on R&R and worked the entire last week he was home (out of town) before he went back downrange. I politely told them I would be resigning to spend time with my family before we leave Europe. I did not want to look back and regret anything!

When the hubby got back from Afghanistan, we took a trip to Garmisch and while we were there went night sledding in Austria. Here is a video from that experience... just me on (and off) the sled! That night I got so bruised it took me days to recover... it hurt so bad just to sit down my butt got so bruised! Next time I try something like that I am sticking a pillow in my pants.

We also went to Innsbruck, Austria where I felt like I was transported back in time. Such a beautiful city!!!

We went back to the Neuschwanstein castle and  saw Hoenschwangau instead since we had seen Neuschwanstein already. We also went to Weiskirchen, a beutiful little church out in the meadow...

This is also where we got the most delicious donuts in Germany!

We went back to the monastery in Ettal just because the hubby wanted his beer cheese... and beer....

We also hit up the hot tub to relax a bit.

Not too long after we spent a week in Bavaria the hubby, the oldest, the daughter and I went to Calella, Spain. That was awesome! I saw a beach for the first time EVER in my life, saw a medieval show, flamenco dancers, went to the Montserrat monastery, and traveled to Barcelona. The down side was that the souvenirs were pretty pathetic. I got what I could for me and for friends.

The day after we returned from Spain the hubby and I went to Paris. Just him and me. It was so much fun, we walked over 10 miles and got lost in the Louvre (I SWEAR I thought we were going to end up an exhibit in the Egyptian part...).



The time we have spent together has helped our marriage, and made us stronger as a couple. I feel truly blessed and thankful for the time we have spent recently working on our relationship.

In other news, the brigade here is being disbanded and everyone is being sent elsewhere. Our date to leave Germany has changed to less than two months from now... problem is we have no orders... so no idea where we are going yet!! We have somewhere we would like to go, but we won't find out if it was approved until next week. I am not saying anything until we know for certain, and I am even refraining from posting that our date to leave has been moved up in order to avoid an interrogation from everyone until I can answer their questions with more than an "I don't know".