Friday, September 23, 2011

The Friday Moment... Blog

I have been out for a while. My husband came home for R&R last week and we left a week ago to spend time together in Garmisch. Garmisch is in Bavaria, Germany; nestled within the Bavarian Alps it provided a beautiful, relaxing time for all of us. We stayed at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, which is an American resort for military and military retirees. I actually got a swimming suit and spent quite a bit of time in the hot tub and pool!

We spent about 5 hours driving to the resort, and while we were there my husband and I went to the Neuschwanstein castle, the kids, my husband and I went to the Linderhoff palace, my husband and I visited a monastery and cheese factory, we all went indoor rock climbing, and we drove to Berchtesgaden to visit the salt mines. I wanted to go to the Eagle's Nest, but we were running short on time in order to get back to the resort in time for dinner reservations.

So here are some pictures of our almost week long stay in Bavaria:
My husband and I at Neuschwanstein Castle

My husband and I in Austria. The mountain behind us is the Zugspitz.

Me posing.. I feel so sexy!
My daughter and I at the Linderhoff

Husband and I in front of the Venus statue at the Linderhoff

"Front Yard" at the Linderhoff

"Moorish Kiosk"

My son cheesing for the camera!

The Linderhoff Palace from behind

The monastery

The monks make beer and liquor. He was in heaven!

Used for the Oktoberfest parade

At the salt mines in Berchtesgaden

Everyone loved the slide. My husband and I are not in the picture because he let go to pose... see where trying to be cool gets you? Out of the shot....
We all had a great time. My husband did not want to leave. We returned home yesterday and I was worried about gaining weight in the week we were gone because of all the fatty goodness I had been devouring. Good news is I did not gain anything! I did not lose anything either, but now I ma back home, can eat like I was before, and go to the gym...

Bad news is I have to return to work next week... the last week my husband will be here... but they are being oh so nice enough to let me have the day off that my husband has to fly back. Fuckers.