Saturday, September 29, 2012

So sorry, here are my days...

I thought I would have more time to blog, but I have realized that it is not as easy to make time when I have been so busy! I have been having a hard time managing my time. I sit here and wonder how I was ever able to work on my associate's degree, work full time, and take care of my family 5 years ago.

Five years later I am working on my master's degree in psychology, working full time, trying to make time for my family, and trying to make time for ME. It is not that easy when you think about it.

I wake up every day at 5:30 and wake up the daughter (who is now officially a teenager) for school. I get my coffee and try to wake up for the next hour. At 6:30 I make the kids their school lunches, make sure the daughter is out of the house before 7 to catch her bus. I then wake up the youngest son for school. I make sure he takes his medication so that he will not drive his teachers nuts during the day.

The husband comes home from morning PT not too long after the youngest leaves for school, and I am usually running around the house helping him to find the stuff he needs, then I have to get ready for work.

I am at work a little before 10 and spend the day running around there, helping people, and dealing with indecisive, bitchy, or sometimes nice people. I stand/run for over 8 hours straight then come home to either eat dinner if someone cooked it, or make dinner if no one did anything.

I then come upstairs to my room to work on school work, which can take all night (the two to three hours I have before I need to sleep) before it is time to go to bed and start it all over again!

On my days off (lately) I have been unpacking, cleaning, and running errands. I foolishly think that on my days off I will have time to relax, but it never happens, and before I know it my "weekend" is over and I am left with a long list of things I never did that I either need to find time during the week to do, or save it till the next weekend.

Pretty soon it will be winter in Alaska... like within DAYS! I am scared of how I will handle -50 weather coupled with snow and ice... I am afraid of wrecking my new car.

I have taken a few pics since my camera got here of the sunrise, or the sunset. I got to thinking about when I mentioned on my Facebook about how I can't wait to see the northern lights; how someone said it will be "like vanilla" after a while to me... but does anyone ever get bored of it? Does one ever grow bored of a beautiful sunrise or sunset? I know I don't....