Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Facebook Rant... SMH

I get so annoyed every time I log into Facebook lately. I see people that I grew up with, or went to school with writing statuses that make me cringe. Do these people ever grow up? Do they ever learn anything?

One person posts pictures of her daughters (that are around the same age as my daughter) posing with "duck face", wearing makeup, and wearing skimpy clothes. Not only are her daughters posing with duck face, some pictures they are posing in a provocative manner; you know, hand on hip, hip slung out, push the chest out dear!!!!
OK, is she BEGGING for her daughters to give her twenty grandchildren before they even reach adulthood??? I know I was a teen mom, but the LAST thing I want is for my daughter to become sexually active before she is ready. My oldest son is almost 21 and he hasn't done anything yet *crosses fingers*.
I just do not understand how a mother can seem PROUD that her daughters are looking like mini tramps.

I see adults threatening to fight someone over WORDS. I see adults actually fighting over BULLSHIT! I see adults having stupid Facebook arguments and airing their dirty laundry online. Come ON PEOPLE!!! You are in your 20's and 30's... FUCKING ACT LIKE IT!!! You have children and THIS is what they have to look up to? NO WONDER OUR SOCIETY IS FUCKED!

It is NOT COOL for a person in their 20's and 30's with child/children to be out partying all the time like they have no responsibilities! And stop fucking WHINING when your world falls apart in front of you! You are an adult, and if you acted like it maybe things would not have turned out like they did!!!

OK, I know this is small and maybe trivial to some of you, but I am so sick of seeing people LIE on their status updates. Come on... really? Who are you really trying to lie to? Yourself? Don't say you have the best child when you have no control over them. A three year old that speaks to you like YOU are the child? Oh real cute... *rolls eyes*

I am not saying that people should not have fun sometimes, but take responsibility for your actions and BE RESPONSIBLE! Stop blaming everyone else for your problems and take a hard look at yourself. What kind of world are we creating for the future generations when we are raising a bunch of selfish heathens that expect everything to be handed to them? Where is the competition in school and youth sports? This EVERYONE WINS thing is bullshit. I remember on field day in school it was a competition. There were first, second, and third place ribbons... not "participation ribbons" for everyone. You may think you are creating a sense of teamwork or something, but the children still see it as a competition (especially the ones who know they won). Instill that sense of competition in them! Show them they have to work to earn a reward! Show them that hard work pays off!!!!

One last thing, I wish people would stop trying to pretend that their lives are perfect with no problems. Everyone has problems, no one is perfect... your attempts at trying to convince everyone that your life is perfect is eye rolling and gag inducing bullshit. Be real. Stop pretending you are someone you are not! Don't be nice to someone's face then talk shit about them behind their back. We are not in high school anymore. If I do not like someone I do not talk to them... plain and simple. 

Ugh... I am just so ready to get back to the States, away from all of the drama that Baumholder has.. the fake ass people, the high school antics.... but unless I start making cuts to my Facebook as well a lot of the bullshit is going to follow me. It is not just people here... and I need to realize that just because I knew them way back when, or just because we USED to be friends, does not mean they are friends now. Some people never change... and that is not always a good thing.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Old Year- New Year

Well, it is 2012... so much happened last year, and I am thankful that it is another year behind me. 

I want to go over the things I am grateful for from 2011...

1) I lost over 70 pounds. I weighed over 200 lbs last year. I felt disgusting, looked disgusting, and my marriage was having issues because of it. Here is a comparison picture from me exactly one New Years eve to the next:

I am so proud that I was able to do something I never thought I could do! But with a lot of self control, determination, and motivation I was able to almost accomplish my goal! I only have 10 pounds to go :)

2) I am grateful that I ran a 5k... well, I did not run it, I walked/jogged it, but I DID IT! This is not something I would have even considered doing in the past!

3) I am grateful that this deployment is almost over. Almost a year ago my husband deployed to Afghanistan, and I know that with the new year comes my husband- home to us again... sometime...

4) I am grateful for my friends... without them I would not have been able to make it through this deployment with my marriage in tact.... I swear it. The biggest source of strength for me was this woman:

Here she is with her tin foil hat and garlic... no she is not insane, she is the right amount of crazy. She would do crazy shit like this just to get a laugh- and it worked. She is really an awesome woman! Besides... she got me footie pajamas for Christmas!

My friends are the best people I could have ever allowed into my life. They are supportive, loving, fun, and all around awesome. I love them.

So with the new year comes resolutions, right? SURE! OK, so my resolutions for this new year are:
1) To continue to eat healthy, and work hard to improve on that- since I do fall back now an again to the old ways (though I feel sick later for it). 

2) Continue to hit the gym and build my strength and lose this last ten pounds!

3) Become more motivated to keep up with my housework. Oh the never ending pile of laundry and dishes that sway my motivation to the computer and Facebook....

4) Maybe quit smoking??? I was able to lose weight, maybe I can do that too.... 

So what are your new years resolutions? What are the things that you look back and treasure from 2011?
To everyone who is reading this: May you have a wonderful and happy 2012.