Sunday, January 1, 2012

Old Year- New Year

Well, it is 2012... so much happened last year, and I am thankful that it is another year behind me. 

I want to go over the things I am grateful for from 2011...

1) I lost over 70 pounds. I weighed over 200 lbs last year. I felt disgusting, looked disgusting, and my marriage was having issues because of it. Here is a comparison picture from me exactly one New Years eve to the next:

I am so proud that I was able to do something I never thought I could do! But with a lot of self control, determination, and motivation I was able to almost accomplish my goal! I only have 10 pounds to go :)

2) I am grateful that I ran a 5k... well, I did not run it, I walked/jogged it, but I DID IT! This is not something I would have even considered doing in the past!

3) I am grateful that this deployment is almost over. Almost a year ago my husband deployed to Afghanistan, and I know that with the new year comes my husband- home to us again... sometime...

4) I am grateful for my friends... without them I would not have been able to make it through this deployment with my marriage in tact.... I swear it. The biggest source of strength for me was this woman:

Here she is with her tin foil hat and garlic... no she is not insane, she is the right amount of crazy. She would do crazy shit like this just to get a laugh- and it worked. She is really an awesome woman! Besides... she got me footie pajamas for Christmas!

My friends are the best people I could have ever allowed into my life. They are supportive, loving, fun, and all around awesome. I love them.

So with the new year comes resolutions, right? SURE! OK, so my resolutions for this new year are:
1) To continue to eat healthy, and work hard to improve on that- since I do fall back now an again to the old ways (though I feel sick later for it). 

2) Continue to hit the gym and build my strength and lose this last ten pounds!

3) Become more motivated to keep up with my housework. Oh the never ending pile of laundry and dishes that sway my motivation to the computer and Facebook....

4) Maybe quit smoking??? I was able to lose weight, maybe I can do that too.... 

So what are your new years resolutions? What are the things that you look back and treasure from 2011?
To everyone who is reading this: May you have a wonderful and happy 2012.


Debbie said...

You must be so proud of yourself. I am in awe of you! Absolutely fabulous. You are so pretty, you were when you were bigger but you are stunning now. Now as for the smoking I managed that but can't seem to get the weight off. I keep trying. Maybe one day I will achieve it. You certainly inspire me. Good job Laura!!!! xx

Jessica M said...

I found this post so inspiring! Congrats for doing that 5k and losing the weight you wanted to! I've been trying to shed a few myself and it's really hard to sometimes find the motivation...your success is definitely inspiring me!

I think quitting smoking would be a great goal for the next year! :) You can do anything you put your mind've already proven that. :)

I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Congratulations, Laura. Your hard work and determination are really showing! I'm so happy for you...Happy New Year!

Andreea said...

Wow, that's such an inspiring post. You look absolutely beautiful and it must have felt great to run a 5k. You have truly motivated me! Thanks

Mare said...

Laura, Sending you my love and safety from under the ole tin hat! HA!! You are and shall always be my light tower in the storms of life. You are my inspiration to succeed not only in weight loss but in also being, becoming me. As I journey onward into this life as most of us Army wives are with many days and nights spent alone. I have our many Skype chats to reflect on. Days you literally kicked me off my pity pot and back on the road. Days of laughter and of tears, so much to be grateful for on my end for having you in my life. And yet we have never had coffee in person although you have waited as I made mine or I waited while you made yours. How different our lives would be without Skype, without this ability to communicate from across the globe and find companionship with another who shares the same interest.. to reap and fly, dance and sing with joy. Bless you my dearest and thank you always for being you.