Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yeah well... so sue me

OK, I know... I have been kinda MIA for a bit... but I have been BUSY!!!! I mean, it is HARD to spend time with a husband home on R&R, continue with college, go to work, and try to keep up with the diet and exercise thing AND blog!!!!

OK, so I am a slacker... deal with it.

So this is what is up. I am on my second to my last class before I finish my Bachelors degree, then in the beginning of next year I will start on my Masters. I have lost almost 60 pounds total since I started dieting and exercise and am feeling pretty damn good about myself. My husband was even so excited about it he spent almost $1000 at Victoria's Secret on me. Him. Shopping. Online. Without my knowledge. I ended up with a bunch of TX Longhorns, Dallas Cowboys, and Army gear! He bought all smalls, but lucky for me they are all from the Pink line and all fit.

All of my kids keep growing up and having lives outside of the home without my permission and I am having a really hard time with that. My daughter has a boyfriend, my oldest son is seriously interested in someone, and THANK GOD that my youngest son is still ok with being home, playing video games, and being my little boy.

I find myself getting increasingly annoyed with misspellings, or just ignorant remarks... like one person I know just got diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and:

#1 Insists on calling it Pulmonary Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

#2 Is acting like she was just diagnosed with cancer or AIDS or something

OK, I have PCOS. I have had it for YEARS. When I found out I never acted like I was going to die, I never was "in shock" over the news. I never blamed the reason I was fat on it either. I know it is hard to lose weight when you have it, but not any harder than losing weight normally (I think). When I started dieting in April I began eating like a diabetic (for the most part), I watched my portions, I watched my calories, etc, etc, etc... the weight started coming off. It was a lot easier than I thought! I just had to get the "I have PCOS so I cannot lose weight" out of my head.

I AM SO SICK OF PEOPLE FEELING SORRY FOR THEMSELVES! OK, I know this deployment is hard on the spouses left behind. I know it is hard not hearing from your spouse for days or weeks at a time. I know we miss our spouses... BUT STOP DWELLING ON IT AND FIND SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE TO DO! Also, to the women who's husbands leave for a one week business trip: I am so sick of reading about how hard it is to be away from them. You. Have. No. Idea.

I keep myself busy because I do not want to become a blubbering mess. I talk to people about anything BUT Army or my husband because I have a life away from that. Talk to me about shopping, True Blood, Game of Thrones, new movies... hell GOSSIP about other people so I can giggle, but don't be a constant downer. It is ok to have moments, but not 24/7 moments.

So yeah... whew... been a while since I had a good rant! On all of that I will leave you with this: