Sunday, March 13, 2011

What do moo have?

There are things I love to collect. One is the things I pick up from my travels- little trinkets from different countries and places to show I have been there. The other is cows. I LOVE cows. Holstein cows, the pretty black and white ones. I used to have an enormous collection. A lot of Mary's Moo Moos because they were so cute...

Unfortunately my asshole of an ex (the kid's sperm donor) destroyed all of them when I left him. I mean ALL of my cow things. The Tea Cattle

The cow print ice tea jug... everything I had that could be broken, he broke. It took me YEARS to get all of those things. My collection was gone. I was heartbroken.

Fortunately I have great friends, and when they see something "cow" they get it for me. My collection is no where near what it used to be, but it is getting there. I have picked up a few things myself, but for the most part my collection consists of things friends got for me.

My youngest son got me these mini clogs for Christmas this year.

My husband got this hat at Oktoberfest in M√ľnchen (Munich) this past year. Yes that is Tom Servo, Gypsy, and Crow figurines up top for you MST3K geeks.

A hanging sign that I need to buy twine to fix and a Chupa Chups milk can my friend Lori got for me.

Paper towel holder someone else gave me... I need to find some black doll hair to glue back on.

Salt and Pepper dispenser... my husband got me two of these, so one is in the kitchen, one is in the dining room.

Wooden shoes I got in Holland, a cow Lori got me, and a cow wearing Leiderhosen bank (I also have two of those).

A cow throw Lori got me.

A picture Lori got me... see a trend here? Lori gets me a LOT!

I am pretty sure almost everything on this shelf (including the shelf) aside from the clock on the bottom shelf and the Mary Moo Moo on the middle shelf is from Lori.

She even got me these cow curtains *big grin*

A coffee cup I picked up in a German thrift store...

Salt and Pepper shakers I got in.... hmmm... I forgot where ;)

And finally I got these cow stickers for the wall... they belong in MY kitchen!

One day my collection will be where I want it. I would love to get another tea cattle, more Mary's Moo Moos, anything cow really... but as it took seconds to destroy what I had before, it will take me years to build it back up again.

What do you collect?


alejandro guzman said...

mooo is right!


Jewell said...

Ok...I have to admit that I'm not a big cow fan, but the Mary Moo's are cute.

However, since you asked...let's see Cherished Teddies mainly because I got all of my mom's when she died. There are so many that I had to box up the majority of them and store them away.

I'm a huge fan of fairies....with cute/pretty faces. You'd be surprised how many ugly fairy figurines there are out there.

I also collect crystals and stones of all varieties. =)

So there ya have it...exciting shit, huh? =)