Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Dad and my Favorite Town. Its a twofer!

Yesterday I finally heard from my husband It was nice talking to him, and frustrating at the same time. The phone call was cutting out so bad at times I just wanted to slam the phone repeatedly into the wall... I am used to it though... just like Iraq.

I called my Dad last night. I got an email from a lady in the town that he lives telling me that my Dad wanted her to tell me he was sending the kids' birthday money. The oldest is the only who has a birthday this month. I called him to see what was up, and he said he thought all of them had birthdays this month, so he sent money for them all. Now I need to hold on to $200 (and not spend it) till September.

My father is ex-military. A grizzled old man who has a passion for old military weapons. Here is my father doing what he loves. I really wish I had more photos of him. Last night at the end of the phone call I told Dad I love him. He replied with an "I loooove you, and I love the kids. Let everyone know that." It sounded so sad, it made me sad. One reason I hate being in Germany, I am too far from my father. We are the only family he has.

Today the oldest and I are going to Idar-Oberstein. That is one of my favorite places to go. The town is beautiful, and the shopping is great! Idar-Oberstein is where the actor Bruce Willis was born. His father was an American soldier stationed here in Baumholder. Idar-Oberstein has a castle there, it is pretty much ruins now, but you can walk up the mountain (up 100 some odd steps) to go see the castle.
Can you see it hidden up there? At the very top of the mountain/hill.

One thing that Idar-Oberstein is famous for is the church in the rock. This church is built right into the side of the rock of mountain, right below the castle. It is still open today, used for weddings and such. It is a beautiful sight!

 It is a beautiful town, I love going there. I have not been there since November right before I had surgery on my knee... I can hear it calling me!

Besides, where else can you go to buy some schmucks?

BTW, schmuck means jewelry in German :)


alejandro guzman said...

aww fathers! love...

I'm glad you heard from both men you love and visiting a truly enchanting town, thanks for sharing Laura


Bianca said...

Pfffttt..Doesn't even mention she's meeting ME in Idar to go shopping..sheesh lady..not even a by-line..??!!
Luvs ya..See u soon!

YogaSavy said...

Makes the heart soften when you from your two favorite men!

Jim said...

Those guys heard your words and you made them happy too.
Hey, is that church in the rock, cut from the rock or built there?

Laura said...

@Jim, the church was built into the rock. According to legend, there were two noble brothers, Wyrich and Emich, who both fell in love with a beautiful girl named Bertha. The brothers lived in Castle Bosselstein, which was situated atop a 450 foot high hill. Bertha was from a noble line that occupied the nearby Lichtenburg Castle (this castle later became the site of the Nazi's Lichtenburg Concentration Camp).
Neither brother was aware of the other's feelings for Bertha. When Wyrich, the elder brother, was away on some unknown business, Emich succeeded in securing Bertha's affections and, subsequently, married her. When Emich announced the news to his brother, Wyrich's temper got the better of him. In the heat of the moment, he hurled his brother out of a window of the castle and sent him to his death on the rocks below.
Wyrich was almost immediately filled with remorse. With the counsel of a local abbot, he began a long period of penance. At this time, Bertha disappears from historical record. Many romantics feel that she died of a broken heart.
As Wyrich waited for a heavenly sign showing that he was forgiven, the abbot suggested that he build a church on the exact place where his brother died. Wyrich worked and prayed himself into exhaustion. However, the moment the church was completed, he received his sign: a miracle spring opened up in the church.

Jewell said...

Awww...good for you that you got to talk to the husband AND your dad!

I have to say that Idar looks like a little story book town. I loved the pictures! =)

Schmuck Factory THAT made me spit pepsi out! Awesome! =-p lmao

Jessica Brant said...

I know what you are going through :)
Sending you love and light.
Idar look like it belongs right in the pages of a child's story book...

Bongo said...

AWWWWWWWWW I;m glad you got to talk to the men tonight... now take me to the church in the rock..will ya? As always...XOXOXO

Dead Cow Girl said...

Not only are they schmucks! it's a schmucks factory outlet!! *heart*

Beautiful church! I'm not one for church's at home, but always love exploring them when abroad.

Thank you for the comment on my blog today. It is a horrible practice and does need to be stopped. The only way it can happen though is for them to change their culture. :-(

tbaoo said...

what a great piece, i might be described as a grizzled old man, but haven't i seen that town in a film or two ? - cheers alan

Laura said...

If Idar-Oberstein was in a film or two I was not aware of it. Thing is, a lot of German towns look alike! I loooove the culture though. It is like some places here are just frozen in time :)

Mary said...

Laura, it's a special day when you can speak to both men in your life, even though the reception wasn't so great:)
Your photos of your town are beautiful! I especially love the Church in the mountain rock. What a truly brilliant idea! I'm sure it has had it's fair share of visitors, just simply because of it's structure:)

Michelle said...

Hope yall had a great time today!


Mitzi said...

Loved seeing these photos. I actually lived in Baumholder back in 1984. My oldest was born in Landstuhl because we were living in "The Rock" at the time. Great post.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

The church is amazing. I bet you had a great time revisiting the town.

Stopping from Mom Loop!