Sunday, March 6, 2011

I blame... someone...

I have been sitting around for the better part of the week trying to think of SOMETHING to blog about that would not end up in a long winded rant (because I am UBER bitchy/snappy right now).

I miss my husband, I really do... I may not gush about it all the damn time, every damn day all over Facebook, but that does not mean I do not love him any less... it means I am trying to live NORMALLY! I do not plant myself in front of the computer willing him to come online or refuse to leave the house because I might miss his call. I did that in the beginning of the first deployment I went through and I will not do it again... it makes things worse.

I consider myself lucky that I have friends that know that I do not want to talk about this deployment, and want to do things to keep themselves busy (with me). I am grateful for my awesome support system. I have a friend that does for me what I would do for her if she got down and started feeling sorry for herself. She tells me everything will be fine, the husband knows what he is doing and is good at what he does. We knew what we got ourselves into when we married our husbands, so suck it up and drive on... oh, and here is some wine :)
I love her to death, and I am very grateful to have her as a friend. In this picture we had gone to a Shisha Bar before she took me on my first trip to a German Club... I had fun with the Shisha, the club was not as fun for me... but we went out because our husbands were gone training and we refuse to sit at home and do nothing! This is how we are!!!

I try not to get upset (aka jealous) when I see on Facebook that other's have spoken to their husbands either on the phone or online. I remember that Jeff and I said that phone calls would be few and far between... for us there is nothing worse than calling and then having nothing interesting to talk about, that and we do not NEED to talk everyday. He knows I can handle everything back home just fine without him, and I know he is quite capable of doing his job.

I also get upset when I see the decline of some of the women in their "I am so depressed, feel sorry for me, I have no idea how to live without my husband"  status updates. Seriously? If you cannot handle being alone, and cannot be alone and function normally, PLEASE do not marry a man in the military! I know that there is sadness and depression at first, that is fine, that is NORMAL... but please do not wallow in it, the rest of us have a really hard time feeling sorry for you. There are some women that are fine being super supportive for the entire year, have no issue hearing the whining and crying for the entire year... and to those women: HOW DO YOU DO THAT???? All that keeps going through my mind is: "Suck it up Buttercup!" I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone that is making no effort to change their mood and become productive. I get disgusted with those women that cannot do things on their own because "their husband always did it" so they will not do it till he gets home... really????

We have to be strong. We have to know how to fix things from putting together furniture, fixing the plumbing, fixing the car (I replaced a headlight assembly and fixed the tail light all by myself!!!), or anything else that goes wrong on our own. Military wives CANNOT be helpless, ever.
I love Pink's portrayal of Rosie the Riveter

So yeah... see, I did not want to rant, and look what I did. Damn you....


tbaoo said...

what did the fish say when he swam into a concrete wall .. dam. i wish you, your husband and even your friend the very best .. ;) btw .. rant away if it helps.

SJ said...

It's got to be hard even if you do say suck it up buttercup, btw I love that and will use it :)

It's always easy to say you knew what you were getting into when you married a man in the military - doesn't make it any easier though. Hugs for you hunni oxox

JeanaK said...

Nice rant!! I kinna mknow where ur coming from. Not my husband, but my daughter. She went to Germany to see her boyfriend who is stationed there. Not sure why he is stationed there. But when he 1st left it broke her heart bad. But after it hit her and she finally accepted it, she went on with everyday life & continued working as a nurse. Not once did she whine. What was funny tho, they were payin out the booty to call each other. So my hubby told her about Skype & the camera, they started using that & saved a crap load on their phone bill LOL. But yeah ur right in what u say here. I agree 100%. Wow did not mean to write a novel here LOL.

alejandro guzman said...

Next time my car breaks down I'll be calling you.. I know the wait will be a long one but what the hey..


Tammy said...

LOL and I get to hear it everyday at work ....Have to say I have become really rude to those types or just really honest you pick ! I manage just fine as I know you do helps me to know not EVERYDAMNBODY is a weak minded fool. I love my husband as you love yours life is good miss him but good cause I have friends like YOU ! there is that enough love for ya LOL