Sunday, January 23, 2011

I love this time of year!

I have to say that I love tax season. Many people hate this time of year, but since we have children and two of us are in college, the deductions are AWESOME!

I just filed our income taxes for 2010, and I swear to you I almost passed out when I saw what our return was going to be. Now we can pay off bills so that during the deployment we can just save up money! I am excited, I am happy... but I have not told the husband how much we are getting yet. I am kind of afraid to say anything because I am afraid he may have different plans for the money than I do.

Hmmm... what to do?

By the way, KUDOS to Turbo Tax for being there for our income tax needs! I am so happy I could SPIT!


rebecca said...

Tax time is also my fav time of the year. I non stop think about it. I wish we would get out W-2 forms soon. I never get them early. My company didn't even send mine out til the beginning of Feb last year so I don't expect anything til then anyway. So we are still waiting on all mine plus all my husbands.
Tax returns are great cause its so much money to help pay back things. Like you said bills.... thats our big thing as well and moving

Marilyn said...

LOVE Turbo Tax!
6 was in Iraq as a contractor for the first six months of last year so I don't know how that will affect us....

Daydreaming Fool said...

Oh yay! That's so exciting!! I'm hoping I get a good refund too..but alas, mine will be because of school credits I still haven't "cashed in" and all of my refund will be going to pay off debt that I got from school...GO FIGURE! I can't wait to have it paid off though..debt sucks!