Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Job, party, deploy... I have it all covered!

I am extremely excited! I GOT A JOB! WOO FRIGGIN HOO!!!! I have been here in Germany for just over a year and out of work for over a year (I quit in October 2009 before we moved here), and let me tell ya... I can NOT sit on my butt all day! I NEED to work, I need money, I need a time killer, I need this...

The bad part is that this job is part time on call until a full time spot opens up, but it is a foot in the door! I will need to go shopping for some slacks (aww... shopping?) because apparently the dress code states no jeans (how un-American). Now I need to go through my wardrobe, see what I can use, what I can't and what I should just get rid of.

In just a few days I am hosting a Pure Romance party (my first time ever!), and I am really looking forward to it. The ladies that are coming are excited, I am excited.... this will be my first "girl's night" since I have been here!!! I really need to implement a girl's night weekly after the guys leave- but DAMNIT, no one can talk about their husbands during this time!!! Well, at least they cannot whine about how much they miss them, or brag about how often they call, email, blah, blah, blah.

Funny/embarrassing stories are always welcome, but there is no faster way to create drama than to annoy or anger another wife who has not heard from her husband daily, or who is handling the deployment pretty well but cannot stand to hear another wife whine constantly like she is the only one experiencing this! I understand wives miss their husbands, I understand they get down, but if all you EVER talk about is how much you miss him, how often he has called, well anything really, if he is the ONLY thing you EVER talk about... some of us are gonna get sick of you.

I deal with deployment by occupying my time. I work, I shop, I hang out with friends. I prefer NOT to talk about him, and PLEASE don't ask me if he has called!!! I hated this question... because chances are he hasn't and that question just pisses me off. I love my husband, but I am an individual, and my life does not revolve around him (though he would like to think so *giggles*). There was one other question I hated during deployment... "Are you ok?" Alright, this question in itself is not bad, but it was asked in a way that sounded like someone just ran over my puppy. COME ON!!!

I just want to be treated normal, treat me like you would if he was home, just be aware of my possible moods (yes I have moods). When he is home we don't sit around talking for hours on end how much we miss our husbands, we never discuss them at all really (aside from funny/embarrassing stories), so why start all of a sudden? I think it just makes deployment that much harder. Please remember, deployment is not a competition. Respect the fact that not everyone hears from their husbands every day or even every week. Put yourself in their shoes and keep quiet about it. Find other things to discuss. Kids, cooking, work, shopping, hobbies, WINE!!!!! I am sure there are plenty of entertaining things to discuss apart from hubbies... really.


Wyletter said...

Congratulations on your job. Hopefully this position will lead to greater opportunities for you.

Wantusi said...

Wow, way to go on the new job, and have fun hosting your party :) I've never been to a Pure Romance party, but it sounds fun.