Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top Ten Fears

I like Top Ten Thursdays, it makes me think hard... either way. The pet peeves went over well, so how about you have a good laugh about my fears :)

10. Spiders- I hate spiders with a passion. I kill everyone I come across or suck it up in my vacuum. Don't preach to me about how they are good to have around because of blah.. blah... blah.. I do not care. They are evil and should be killed. I would have killed Charlotte (of Charlotte's Web) too, especially before she had those thousands of babies *cringe*

9. Crunchy bugs- OK, I hate bugs of all types, and I kill all of them (except lady bugs- I don't know why), but I am afraid to kill the crunchy bugs (the ones with a shell) because they CRUNCH *shudder*

8. Slugs- See a pattern here? I never had an issue with slugs before I moved to Germany, because I never SAW a slug. The slugs out here are HUGE, slimy, and OMG if you accidentally step on one you can feel it all the way through your shoes up your legs. Just trying to get around slugs after a rain (and it rains a lot here- it is the Seattle of Germany) makes you look like you are doing some strange interpretive dance.

7. Driving in the dark- I have HORRIBLE night vision for one, but I hit a deer once on my way to Canadia (Canada) right before dawn, and since then I have been convinced that a deer is lurking at every point waiting to leap in front of me to commit suicide. For some reason this does not cross my mind in the daytime.

6. The dark- I am afraid of the dark... or rather what is LURKING in the dark. It seems like there are always a bunch of undefinable noises that only occur when it is dark and you are alone.

5. Heights- Or rather a fear of FALLING from those high places. Every time I am up somewhere high I feel like I am going to plummet to my death. Yeah, the Grand Canyon was not the most fun place for me as a child. I can feel my legs get wobbly, and vertigo hits. I could be 6 feet from the ledge and I am still convinced that I am going to fall!

4.Clowns- Clowns are just creepy. Blame it on Poltergeist. Nuff said.

3. Rejection- I am so afraid of being rejected. It does not keep me from trying new things or applying for new things, but it makes me so sick to my stomach. Just writing this blog is hard for me sometimes. What if no one likes what I write? What if I suck? I just try to truck on.

2. Failure- I am so afraid of failing. My new job gave me 16 hours of training... not a lot. I am so afraid of screwing something up and getting fired. I want to be good at whatever I do, and to fail at something makes me feel awful... so needless to say, until I get the hang of my job I will be in constant fear (unless I get fired first).

1. Death- Yes, I know everyone dies, but I am afraid of dying before my children grow up and go out on their own. It happened to my mother... I am afraid it will happen to me too :(

There you have it... my fears... what are your fears?


Heather said...

My husband hates spiders as much as you do! I don't mind them. I also think it's hilarious when he freaks out over one.

I also do not do crunchy bugs. Roaches. Gross. I have to go wash my hands after typing the word.

Anonymous said...

My fears... the top ones
Heights - Totally afraid of being up high.
Losing the ones I love....
Those are the top 2.

thechattymommy said...

Come and join my blog hop!

Wantusi said...

The crunchy bug thing...eww, yeah that's definitely a fear of mine. I have a great fear of being rejected, heights, and death too - of loved ones and myself. Hmm, it's a good question, and makes me think.. I think my fear of being alone is up there in my top 10, along with entering an apathetic state of mind, and never getting out of it.

Great post - definitely gets you thinking..

Jessica.B said...

I am a new follower from Blogfrog. I have to say that I agree with most of your fears. Minus slugs, driving in the dark (though I prefer not to do it bc it makes me nervous), & heights (they just make my stomach drop a smidge).

Hope you're having a good friday & feel free to stop by my blog anytime.


sexylegsandbody said...

Spiders I hate in my room, would hate to wake up with one sitting on my cheek, or somewhere. I HATE snakes, one creature I kill where ever I see one.
Worst fear? That anyone of my kids should die before I do! I doubt that I would be the same person if that has to ever happen to me, and if it has to happen due to someone else's negligence or recklessness, I will become a killer.

I also fear heights, and I am terribly claustrophobic. So scared of being buried alive, I have become an organ donor. :)

Interesting post.