Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Was My Face Red! Wednesday

Was My Face Red! Wednesday
This story traces back to this past summer. My husband was getting ready to be gone for a month training, and I had to run back home to get something and take it back to him (or get him a soda or something). I just pulled put of the parking spot and made it to the top of the hill and my Envoy died... just died.

I tried starting it up again, no dice. The gas gauge said I had a little over 1/4 of a tank left, so I knew I had gas. WHY WON'T IT START???

It figures that the DAY my husband leaves this would happen... but it wasn't a deployment, so it wasn't supposed to happen! FYI- whatever can go wrong at home during a deployment, will go wrong. Last deployment my dryer died, I got a flat tire and bent the rim by hitting a pothole, and the back patio door fell out of the track and SHATTERED one pane... all within the first three months he was gone.

No one was around that could or would help me, so the next day I called a German mechanic and had them tow the Envoy to their shop. The next day they called me and told me that I could come pick up my vehicle. It was fine, just out of gas. Wha???

Apparently my gas gauge was not working due to a sulphuric buildup on the fuel sensor, and it was reading that I had gas when I really did not. I felt a little embarrassed, but not too bad until I went to the shop to get my Envoy. The slip/receipt that the mechanic had written the problem of my Envoy as: "Sometimes a vehicle needs gas!!" and underlined it twice. I asked the shop manager where this mechanic was so that I could kick his ass.

My husband called me later that afternoon and I told him what the issue was. He just heard I ran out of gas and did not let me finish the story because he was laughing at me and calling me a blonde...

yeah... my face was red.


Dawna said...

ROFL! Sounds like something I would do, for sure! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

Marilyn said...

LOL! I had my car towed to the shop because it wouldn't start once and when I went to pick it up after work they informed me that it had to be in "park" to start, not reverse. :D

Rachy said...

That sucks. I love "it was a deployment so it wasn't supposed to happen" so true about everything going wrong

Elizabeth said...

I just discovered your blog through the BlogFrog SITS community! The same thing used to happen to me all the time -- my gas gauge wouldn't work, and I'd be left setting in the middle of the road on the way home from work at night or on the way to school in the morning.

pottymouthmommy said...

teehee- i remember that!!

It almost makes me wish I actually got embarrassed- I'd have some AWESOME stories!!