Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We wish you a Merry Jingly

Three more days till Christmas and things are going well. SGT Jekyll has calmed down and back in the happy family mood (thank goodness). We spent today at Physical Therapy and when we pulled in home my "oldest friend" (meaning the first person I met here in Germany because we came at the same time and rode the same bus) was right behind us and gave me a bottle of gl├╝hwein. I have heard a lot about this wine. Apparently it is a wine that is meant to be heated and drank like cider, but it will get you drunk :)

I am saving it for Christmas eve when she and her husband will be over for dinner. They will also be over for dinner Christmas Day. I am really looking forward to this holiday with family and friends- we have never had anyone over before, but there is always room for new traditions! I am excited to share this time of year with people I really do care a lot about (not to mention that I will not be the only one cooking for the first time in EVER!).

So tomorrow I am making Runza's (I swear), Friday I am making bread and desserts (SGT Jekyll is making the ham), and Saturday I am making the turkey and whatever else I feel like baking... I love to bake :)

So, on with the Christmas cheer: Here is a clip of my favorite cartoon's Christmas special.

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Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on the wine. If it's good- I would love to try it. Merry Christmas to you all...the baking sounds good. I'm thinking about making some cookies this week.