Sunday, December 19, 2010


I love this view!!!!
Last night I was watching some awful old movie about The Unsinkable Molly Brown. It was a musical, and for some reason I could not stop watching it... after it was done I came downstairs to have a cigarette and opened the door to find about 4 more inches of snow!!! I love snow, and I love the way it looks when it is falling. The previous night we had received another 4 inches of snow or so, and I am thrilled that we have almost a foot of snow now! It is supposed to snow more, and supposed to snow everyday for at least another 5 days... as I am typing now it started snowing again! 

While I am loving the snow, there are many families here that are trying to get home for the holidays and are not able to. Frankfurt has had to cancel HUNDREDS of flights out, and thousands of people are stranded at the airport. That is sad considering many of those people are soldiers about to deploy and really need that family time before they leave for a year. My husband wanted to go back to the States for Christmas, but airfare for 5 of us isn't really within our budget. 

I believe I am going to make snow ice cream with the kids here in a bit. I cannot believe they are 10 and 11 years old (and my oldest is 19) and I have never made snow ice cream with any of them before! I am excited because I remember doing that with my mother before she passed away, and I want my children to have memories of me like that too when they get older. I want them to know there is more to childhood than video games and World of Warcraft (and now I am officially the only one in this house that does not play WoW). 

If you would like to try snow ice cream (hopefully you have the snow like we do), I found a recipe online here. Have fun guys!!! Let my know what fun "Snow Day" activities you have with your kids!!!

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