Friday, December 17, 2010

8 more days.. STOP SPENDING!!!

My husband and I went out shopping today because he thought we needed more food... we got a bunch of junk... except for when we went to the Shopette and I bought six containers of pumpkin spiced coffee creamer. Hey, it is a seasonal item and the commissary does not carry it. I want this stuff to last a bit!

He also decided that we were not done Christmas shopping, ugh... I swear for how stingy he is he sure does like to spend money! But it usually ends up with him buying whatever looks flashy and cool, then bitching about how "we are expensive" (meaning me and the kids). He did end up buying something that was for our youngest son, a PSPgo or something like that. It is smaller than a regular PSP and you download all the games... hmm... nice, except I had already got the kid a DSi. So hubby decided it was going to be a gift for himself... I made him return it (hell, the hubster already has a PSP!!!). I convinced him he REALLY did not have to have it.

Since he is deploying again in a few months he thinks this might be the last Christmas he will ever have with us, so he is bound and determined to make it the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!! To him it means buying everything they could ever want now and in the future so that in future Christmases there will be nothing left to buy. Either way, his theory bothers me greatly.

So, there are 8 more days till Christmas. I still have not made the Challah or Latkas... maybe tomorrow? I need to keep the husband from wanting to go anywhere tomorrow. It is not even 7 pm and I am exhausted... so I will leave you with some Christmas cheer!


pottymouthmommy said...

I am SOOOOOOOO doing that to Grif... bastard keeps lying on my wrapping paper every. single. time. I try to wrap anything!!! So... next time... he is getting WRAPPED!!! bahahahahahahaahahhah... I'll send pictures if/when it happens!

Wantusi said...

LOL the video was so cute and well done! :)