Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Other than tons of snow, where is Christmas?

Four more days. It is coming fast, and for some reason it does not even feel like Christmas. I think my oldest son hit the nail on the head... we look outside and nothing. No color, no lights, no decorations. Just plain and BLAH! It is not like the States where everyone is doing everything to excess, where you can see a neighborhood glow brighter than normal. Christmas is done differently here I guess.

I am trying to find some Christmas joy, and to be honest it is hard to do. Maybe if I get this house cleaned up, start baking, kick the kids off the PS3 and only allow Christmas shows and movies on tv it will seem better round here. Maybe if I can get SGT Killjoy to stop focusing on all the little things and the upcoming deployment, and get him focused on the spirit of the season and the memories we WANT to make he will relax. Ugh... anyone have ideas?

With that I will leave you with another Christmassy video clip... enjoy!

Achmed Sings Christmas Songs - Watch more Funny Videos

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Anonymous said...

It has all come so fast this year!! Guess we are all just busy so the days fly by faster. The Christmas music helps me and the baking did too. The smells of baking cookies.... yum! Enjoy it for what it is, family and being together. I am wishing you the Merriest of Christmas's!!!