Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bless us All... and bless my camera!

Christmas Eve found us with friends over and a simple yet yummy dinner (and wine!). The snow was blowing and drifting, but oh we had fun! The kids unwrapped their Christmas Eve PJ's and took their showers... all was quiet and bed looked good.

The kids woke me up at 8am and we all piled downstairs for the morning festivities. First... I need coffee! The kids were happy with their gifts, and I did not take many pictures because The Oldest became annoyed and The Daughter was in tears because she slept wrong and her neck was stiff. The Youngest was ready to pose and in a good mood.

I had a wonderful Christmas with the family, I got my Big Girl camera and a really cool digital photo frame that hooks up to the internet, Facebook, etc...

I have been running all over the house this morning (no easy feat with my knee still swollen and sore from the surgery) taking pictures of everything just to see how it looks and get used to the controls and features.
Cow clogs

Murlock- a talking one :)
Cow Bank

Key Holder

Husband's Patrol Cap...
and the day is not over yet... there is still Christmas dinner, movies, and games in the future for today with friends once again!

So, final Christmas merriment vid for your viewing pleasure!


pottymouthmommy said...

I want that murloc!!

oh- and the camera too!!! :P

GvSparx said...

I don't mind you gifting me that NIKON BLACK BEAUTY!!

I ruined my own Name