Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Good and the Asshole

Years ago I woke up around 4 am with the most extreme abdominal pain I have ever had. I literally felt like I was in labor... but I was not pregnant. My husband at the time took me into the ER, I was taken back very fast, and the doctor was AWESOME!!! He got me drugged up, checked out, sent to ultrasound, and had a diagnosis within a few hours. I had a cyst on each ovary that had ruptured. Bed rest for a week, no cleaning, no dishes (Quick, make sure my husband hears this!!!).

A few months later I had the same thing happen. Same pain, OMG this shit hurt. I go back to the ER and tell them that it feels like a cyst. I was asked how I know what that feels like... "umm... because I was here a few months ago with the same damn thing!" Sorry, I get mean and bitchy when I am in pain.

This time the ER doc I got was someone different, he was an asshole. Really. I hated him. He does not believe that I know what I am feeling. He makes my husband leave the room for the pelvic exam (why? I dunno, this has never been asked of him before, even by my personal doctor) he gives me a pelvic exam and says "It is really swollen down here." Yeah, I figured considering last time this happened I could not even wear my jeans because I was so swollen and tender... makes sense that INTERNALLY I would be the same, eh? No, he seems to think I have PID. Now I KNOW that I do not have PID, and I tell him this... he argues with me, I say whatever. Two hours after I got to the ER and the nurse comes in with an entire weeks Z Pack to take at ONCE and a shot of antibiotics on top of that!!! Really. I told her I did not want an antibiotic, I did not need an antibiotic, I did not have PID!!! She says "The doctor thinks you need it." All I wanted was the pain to go away... the nurse told me that if I took the pills for infection she would talk to the doctor about something for the pain. I took them... I got pain relief.

Around 4 hours after I got the antibiotics the doctor pops his head into the door of my room and says he wants to do an ultrasound to check for cysts. WTF?!?!?! He says he can get the tech in at 8 or 9 am so I would have to wait till then.

Me: I cannot wait that long, I have to get my kids to school in the morning and I am supposed to start a new job tomorrow morning!!!
Dr. Asshole: Well, I think it is really important that you get this done.
Me: Well, if it is so fucking important that I get it done you would get someone in here now, wouldn't you?
Dr. Asshole: *silence...* I'll see what I can do.

Keep in mind I yelled this loud enough I am sure the entire emergency room (staff and patients) could hear me.

Within an hour I was having the ultrasound and SURE ENOUGH I had ANOTHER ruptured cyst. I was released with pain meds and told to follow up with my doctor if it got worse. Now what happens to a female if she takes a shit ton of antibiotics? Mmmm-hmmm. I called my doc to see if I could get a diflucan tablet and a cream to relieve the discomfort. While I was on the phone with the nurse she told me my test results were in and everything was normal; no infection, nothing. I told her "Yeah, I know this. I told the doctor I did not have PID. I told him I did not want antibiotics. He did not listen to me."

She apologized, got the script I needed called in, and I filed a complaint against the doctor with the hospital. Asshole.

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