Monday, December 27, 2010

Hot Topic rocks my socks!!!!

Ok, so I have a confession... I have an obsession. I am obsessed with Invader Zim, more specifically I love GiR. Who is GiR? Only the cutest robot dressed as a dog ever!!! I have been upset because when I shopped on Amazon they had stuff from Hot Topic, but when I added it to my cart I was charged more in shipping than the actual product! Finally today I pulled my head out of my ass and went to the Hot Topic website and found out that their shipping charges were NOT that expensive (less than $9 for what I ordered)... so I got me a few late x-mas gifts :)

Since I do not know how to show what I got through Hot Topic I will show you here from Amazon what I got because I am so pleased.

And since Amazon does not seem to be carrying the other things I got... here are links to the GiR Hoodie and the GiR Lanyard (to match my tattoo). I got 25% off of my purchase and I am so stoked to get my Invader Zim paraphernalia!!! I lurve Hot Topic!!!

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