Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Christmas Eve!!! Sorta... maybe not quite...

OK, technically it is Christmas Eve (day... kinda) over here since it is past midnight... but for my Stateside folks, there is still 2 days till Christmas (or a day and a half... whatever).

Today I FINALLY made Runza's; my craving is satisfied. I am also shocked that SGT Jekyll ate the Runza's when he says he HATES cabbage! I am that good. Tomorrow I clean and bake all day. Soooo close to Christmas, and I am SHOCKED that people are still out there shopping! Nothing like the last minute, eh? Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve... I will post my Christmas Eve blog, and prolly a Christmas Day one too. I live on the computer, BACK OFF!

I am still waiting on the DVD's that I ordered from Amazon, but due to the massive snow we got here I am pretty certain it is a bit delayed. Here's to hoping they will be here tomorrow *crosses fingers*

Christmas Merriment for you!!! I know you were waiting for this....

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