Sunday, May 8, 2011

Photo Challenge: Red

Twisted Fate Photography is having her own photo challenge this week as well. Her challenge centers around the color red.

Today I took a walk around Baumholder because I could not find any pictures that I was happy with to represent red.... so around the lake I went and found an old Chinese restaurant.

Then as we were walking back towards home I found another little red sumpin sumpin...

So my dears... you choose which you like more :) I am more inclined to the first one. So that is my submission... the 2nd one is more for the guys ;)


TJ Lubrano said...

Ciao! I love the first one. I love the shade of red and the little cute lanterns ^_^.

alejandro guzman said...

second , the red is deeper!

oh yeah


BornStoryteller said...

I think we'd have to see the two in person to make a true choice..yes, so..where is the second photo? :)

The first one for sub, all the way.

Rimly said...

Loved bot actually. Two different shades of red. Beautiful

bjbohls said...

Hi Laura -

I like the first one the best because of the more secluded look the Chinese restaurant has. It appears to be more off the beaten path...and not as loudly red as the other photo. If I walked past the Chinese place, I would be inclined to study the area more thoroughly. The other photo is uninteresting with the surroundings. Happy Mothers Day to you and all around the world. :)

Ms. Pony said...

I love the processing! The first one is a really interesting shot.

Finding One's Way said...

I prefer the second one. I love the Wildcats in the windows..

{Liz} said...


★ Destiny said...

Great captures! Love the setting and feel of your first photo! Is the 2nd photo a strip club?

Thanks for linking up!

Happy Monday!

Laura said...

Yes Destiny, the 2nd one is a strip club, one of 5 here in town :)

Abhisek Panda said...

Thanks Laura for leaving your views on my post.I personally prefer the first one because it's a nicely composed shot.The red looks good along with a little green and blue.The second one looks quite empty to me.So I will go with the first one.Following via google friend connect now...will appreciate it if you could follow my blogs.

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Bethe77 said...

Love your red buildings.
I think they are great!
I like the first one as well. It is really cool how you the greenery around the resturant.
Though the second one is cool as well. Favorite #1
Visiting from Twisted Fate.

Ray said...

Nice shots!

JIM said...

just started following your blog.. really funny i just yesterday did a post that involved red images. Your blogs looks like it could be interesting.
Have a great weekend