Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I was given an STD!!!!

Alejandro from Raising Amelie gave me an STD today... who knew that he could do that all the way from Australia??? I think this is the only time in my LIFE that I am happy to have an STD. I shall cherish it, love it, and put the picture on my profile...

What are you people thinking about??? STD is the Sexy & Talented Diploma!!!!! Sick fuckers, I am a good girl! Now, if you believe that, we shall move on.

STD Award

With this STD, there are rules. As with any STD carrier I feel the need to share and to pass on some STD's:

1. Make up ONE totally ridiculous story about yourself that is a complete rip-off from a movie. It can be as long or short as you want; clean or crass as you want.
2. Pass it on to whomever you feel is deserving of this STD – or accept it and keep it for yourself; it’s your blog – it’s your choice.
3. If you choose to accept this STD, please link your acceptance post back to Adventuresin Estrogen and to the person who gave you your STD (in your case it would be me... Through my insanity and... what else is there? You get the point?
You can choose to keep  your STD for yourself. Yet if you choose to pass your STD around, do it fervently and don’t forget to back link.
4.Use the acronym “STD” as much as possible within your post (send SEO’s into a tale spin) I have used it 24 times within this post, 25 if you count the title.
My story:

One day I was selling flowers on the street, then some dude came up to me and was horribly offensive, but I decided I was going to move in with him (I should have given him an STD). While I was living with him he taught me to speak and act appropriately- though through it all I hated him and wished him dead. 

He dressed me up like a doll and took me to the horse races, where I made an ass of myself. Then he took me to the Embassy Ball where I felt like a queen! It must have showed how I felt on the outside because many people thought I was royalty *tee hee*.

After the ball I got pissed off at him and his GINORMOUS  super male ego. I chucked my slippers at him and left. He ran crying to his mommy when he realized what he lost. I eventually went back to him because I realized that I did love him, and no matter what kind of egotistical asshole he is, he loved me too. I washed me face and hands before I come, I did.

2. Time to pass on this STD! You know you want an STD... I never knew I wanted an STD till I was given an STD, so you may just get an STD from me now! So... the people that I am spreading the STD to are *drumroll please*

Sugary Cynicism- She needs an STD for all the disease she spreads 

- I love reading her posts... maybe because I can sympathize with her being with a moron.

STD Award

Yep, two... just two... I wanted to pass on the STD to people who do not have an STD yet (I hope). So ladies... spread the STD's around if you like! I was thinking of you when I gave it to you!

See that is how you are SUPPOSED to pass on an STD!


Finding One's Way said...

Call be a blond but I only see one person you passed you STD on to....
Oh well..
Loved your story gave me a great laugh

Laura said...

The other one is "I Married a Moron- and Survived!" I posted her button because I was feeling lazy :)

alejandro guzman said...

You right Tart! lol


Lady Estrogen said...

Hooray! Glad to see it spreading nicely. xox

SugaryCynic said...

I'll just take that as a compliment :p

Finding One's Way said...

Loved it the first time even better the second time : )

alejandro guzman said...

I see you are enjoying my gift AGAiN!

talk about milking it lol


Corinne Rodrigues said...

You are a fair lady, indeed! Loved it!

Suzie Q said...

Ok, totally been busy - so just wrote a post to this. Never gotten an STD before, LOL, hope this is the only time!!!!
Thank you!