Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pet Peeve... Literally

I really wish people would think about what goes into owning a pet before they get one. Sure that puppy is cute, but it requires a lot of time, attention, walking, bathing, brushing, FOOD, toys, etc. The kitten is cute as a button, but it needs to have its litterbox cleaned, petting whenever it demands it, food and water, and, depending on the breed and fur, brushing daily.

How about the dumbasses that get their children cute little bunnies or chicks at Easter time? Do they realize that those bunnies SMELL and require a LOT of cleaning up after? Do they even stop to think that those cute little chicks will grow up into a CHICKEN??? Most of those people do not even live on a farm or in the country... so what the hell are they thinking?

Animals need trips to the vet, shots, medicine, pretty much everything you would do for a child an animal needs. So why is it that people get one of these cute fuzzy things and then when it becomes too hard or they get bored with it they want to get rid of it? They claim a sudden onset of allergies to the pet (yeah fucking right), they drop it of at the pound, or even worse just drop it off in the middle of nowhere to fend for itself! Tell me this: How is a domesticated animal supposed to fend for itself when it is used to being served and cared for?

Do me a favor and do a Google search for abandoned animals, then look at the images. Not fucking pretty. I cannot tell you how many cats I see just wandering around here because the American families just let them go when they are moving because it costs money to send them home with them. This is one reason why the Germans will not sell animals to Americans (or at least the ones that care about animals), because they think all Americans do not care for their pets.

I do not want to hear about how expensive it is to transport pets, that is something that you think about before you get them! We left our dogs with my inlaws because we were not sure if we were going to end up in a small apartment over here, not very fair to the animals who need lots of room to run, but we pay them every month for their care and upkeep. We did bring our cats over with us. Three of them. I paid for their international and flight physicals, got them microchipped, got their shots... it cost me almost $500. We paid the airline $600 ($200 per cat) to fly them over here with us. Why? Because we LOVE them and because they are FAMILY!

It pisses me off beyond believe when I see or hear of someone trying to get rid of a pet because it chews, digs, sprays (get the animal FIXED), takes too much attention and time, or just because they are bored of it. Know what pisses me off even more? People who do this over, and over, and over again. Get a pet just to get rid of it, then a few months later get another one.  Would you get rid of a child of yours when it gets destructive or demanding? NO? Why is an animal different? Because you did not give birth to it? When you buy or adopt an animal you are assuming the same responsibility... deal with it and work through it or don't even fucking bother. It is not fair to the animal.


alejandro guzman said...

I love my dog. I'd like to kill him sometimes but I still love him and would never get rid of him.

There are too many people who shouldn't have animals as well as children!


now a cat? mmmm achew!

TJ Lubrano said...

I totally agree! I would love to have a pet, but I know that I wouldn't be able to give it the care & attention he/she needs. There are a lot of people out there who have pets when they shouldn't have.


Jesica Brant said...

sweetness having animals is a big responsibility, I think people forget about how hard they are to look after.

baldychaz said...

Us British are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers, what a joke. Saying that its even sadder how we treat our vulnerable people to ;(

Mary said...

Wonderful topic for a post Laura! How very true this is as shameful as it is :( We used to live on a farm and it was much easier to take care of animals there than it is with only a half an acre. I only have the dogs left, but they still take a lot of time and management. I have tried to find them a good home for 3 yrs, but no one can provide them with what 'I' feel they should have...so they stay with us and continue to be part of our family. Probably always will :)

Yes I Blog said...

LOVE what you just wrote! I'll be honest, there are only a handful of "pets" I like and would want around. My kids, always wanted puppies, but frankly, I can't stand dogs (long story). So, I won't be the bad parent to a dog I know I would be. I'll pass on getting one.

Cats however, we have 3. They are spoiled, they are loved on, they share our bed and our time and our lives and I wouldn't have it any other way. 2 of them where strays that somebody "dumped" in our neighborhood.

I detest people who get pets and don't care for them properly or "dump" them like so many in our area do.

Great post girl!!!


bjbohls said...

Hi Laura -

I have to tell you this amazing situation that's going on in my 30,000 person city. I live in the far west suburbs of Chicago. We are congested here. My city passed an ordinance a couple of months back, to allow citizens in the city limits to own up to TEN (10) chickens. That means anyone can. Hahaha oh my! My first thoughts were like you mentioned above: how many owners will really take care of them, even if they're fools enough to buy them? This loco idea is because of the rising prices in poultry and eggs. Oh my! We laughed our fanny's off at the gym when a counsel member was telling us. I said, "Are any of you people actually thinking and reasoning issues out, or do you just say "great idea" at every ridiculous thing someone suggests. LOL. Great post! :)


Jewell said...

Amen Sister! I couldn't agree more with everything you said in this post. xo