Sunday, May 22, 2011

Holy Flounce™, Rapture, Judgement Day... judged.

Well, it is May 22nd, and we are all still here. I am waiting on the news reports to see what (if any) aftermath has occurred because of Harold Camping incorrectly predicting the rapture AGAIN.
I do know of the obvious aftermath. The people who so blindly and stupidly followed this man's prediction are in their own financial apocalypse today since so many had given away all of their earthly possessions  to include any money (spent on those damned billboards or traveling across the country). So what are these people going to do NOW that they have nothing? Should the rest of the country take pity on them? Should we just say "I told ya so!"?

I actually had a person message me from the States asking me what time it was, and when I told him it was after 9pm he sounded relieved when he said "Good, so everything is OK there". OF COURSE everything is OK! Did you actually BELIEVE that load of shit???

I had my fun on Regretsy looking at all the user submitted photos of the Holy Flounce™. I had two that I saw that were my favorites, and for your viewing pleasure I will place them here.
#1 Favorite submitted by Calmb4tehpwn
The look on the pizza delivery woman's face is PRICELESS! And the money strewn on the floor! HAAAHAHAHA!!! This was my favorite overall, it actually made me giggle.

#2 Was submitted by Seraphim.Rhode
The irony here was just too much, and major props to her husband for playing along!

I was shocked amazed to see the number of photos entered that contained bongs, dildos, and alcohol. Numerous photos of people who were raptured while puking over a toilet, having sex, or pleasuring themselves in some manner; there was even one posted of clothes lying over a sheep *gigglesnort*.
There are a few honorable mentions in my humble opinion:
Submitted by iggypickle, another rapture day prank idea:
Rapture,Fun,Sex Dolls
and shleecg's rapture photo was funny to me:
Notice the dentures?
Still, I think Tardis got it right:

I am still patiently waiting for all of the news to go online to find out what the believers did after they realized they were screwed by an old man. Sadly, some crazy bitch took a preemptive stance.


BornStoryteller said...

The velociraptures almost made me spit out my coffee. These were funny.

What bothers me with all this is how so many are so easily lured into someone else's thinking. Sheep. Just so blindly willing to not think for themselves. That makes me sad.

bjbohls said...

Hi Laura -

I like the "velocirapture" photo also, lol. Did you see the ones doing flips in the air hahaha.

People all over the world have wild ideas and predictions about the end of time. No one knows when that time will be until we're actually living in that moment. Thanks for the post. :)

Alejandro said...

Yep I'm going with third time lucky!!!

woo hoo

I need a smoke


Jewell said...

Well Laura, girl, it seems that the illustrious and enlightened Mr Camping admitted that he "miscalculated". He's now said that he figured wrong, and the rapture will actually occur 5 months from this weekend on October 21st.

So seems that's the date when hubby and I will be taking up residence in our reserved condo in hell overlooking one of the lava pits. You are welcome to stop by and have a cold glass of wine or a beer. =)