Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I got a Troll... How Special am I?

I feel honored, special really... I made a decision to moderate all of my comments, because my blog is being viewed enough that it has started to attract trolls. Yes people, I got my first troll comment yesterday.
Rather than get butthurt and reply back, which more than likely this ass would never return to even view my ever so witty rebuttal, I just deleted the comment. I did this because I am OH so much better than that. That and I prefer to believe Betty White is on my side.

Also, I am pretty sure all the trolls going around leaving nasty comments on things do so because they do not have a life of their own, are jealous because you can actually achieve at something they could never dream of, and live in their mothers basement on permanent virgin status licking Cheeto crumbs off of the family cat.

Though I am sure the Troll wears the wrist brace due to excessive masturbation...


Savira Gupta said...

You are better than the troll!

SJ said...

I think you know when you're getting somewhere and when you've made it. The trolls pile forth.

Responding to them only fuels their desire to be beaten profusely with a wet kipper or is that my desire to beat them. Sometimes its good to leave them so people can see what an ass wipe troll they are but deleting is by far the best option - nothing like a bit of no one gives a shit about you to fight the troll war x

Charlie Nitric said...

Hi Laura -

I've observed that the "troll" business is growing around the world. Everyone seems to be speaking "troll" this or "troll" that on facebook and every where I go online. You're better off deleting and moving forward.

I'm sure they have more cheetos and cat-licking to accomplish else where hahaha. :):)

Mary Hudak-Collins said...

Ha, ha Laura! Take it as a compliment that they took time to stop in. No one says that what they write has to be posted :) Eventually, they will move on to someone else and leave you alone:)