Saturday, May 7, 2011

Family Game Night

This week we played Yatzee! It started off calm enough... I had to teach the younger two how to play, and they caught on fast... then the Oldest Son started shaking the dice cup with the dice in it right in The Daughter's ear, then The Daughter drew on The Oldest Son's score sheet, so he took her pen.

The Daughter: Give me my pen back!

The Oldest Son: Let me draw on your paper and I will give it back!

The Daughter: NO!

The Oldest Son then licks the pen.

The Daughter: Ewwww... you can keep it. That was my favorite pen too. Mom, can you buy me a new pen?

Me: I think The Oldest should buy you a new pen.

The Oldest puts the pen in his mouth and starts sucking on it, then he holds it to his nose with his upper lip and then proceeds to wipe the pen on The Daughter's arm. The Daughter gets up and moves over by me. On The Oldest Son's next turn he shakes the cup and all the dice go flying out of it. On the Youngest Son's turn he rolled a Yatzee to which the Oldest responded by wrinkling up his score sheet and declaring how stupid the game was and throws the score sheet.

This was another "normal" family game night in my house... and people wonder why I am so odd...


Finding One's Way said...

Sound like a good old fashion Calgon moment.. Escape in a bubble bath. lol
Love Yahtzee by the way....

bjbohls said...

Hi Laura -

Yahtzee is a great family game. Sorry your experience had some tension though. At least you're all together and those memories will be with you and the kids forever. Nicely done, thanks. :)

Laura said...

@bjbohls, this WAS a great time. Any family game night that ends like that is a good one! We were all laughing because none of the fighting and teasing was for real... I think it was done to drive me insane ;)

baldychaz said...

Sounds like normal family fun to me! we have a nintendo wii this also leads to pretty much the same result ;)