Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vampire fever, I haz it.

Yeah, it has been a while since I posted... for many reasons, but I will get to that in a minute. First off I would like to thank everyone for their prayers. My friend got her CT scan results back and she is tumor free! While she does have leukemia, all she needs to do is alter her diet and stay healthy (because if she gets sick that is when the "fun" begins). The type of leukemia she has is CLL (go ahead and click the link- it explains what it is). So this means no chemotherapy right now, and I can hold off on the wigs and scarves (I may get her some scarves anyway because they are pretty ).

Now on to me. I have been hiding out because I got burned out on people. With hiding out means I have been doing nothing... at all, well nothing too interesting. I have been watching The Vampire Diaries and developed my new celebrity crush ...

Ladies, feast your eyes on Ian Somerhalder. What caused me to develop this crush? His eyes...

I went and bought season 1, and let me tell you... How do you get a pre teen girl off of Facebook for days on end? Introduce her to The Vampire Diaries. My daughter did not come out of her room for 3 days! I think she came downstairs a few times to eat, check in on Facebook for a minute, and go back to her room to get through season one. When she was done with that she was asking for season 2... she has to wait for it to finish first. 

After I was through all of the current episodes I moved on to True Blood. I am almost finished with season 3,  and I know I am going to want more, so I went to the Sony eReader store to purchase the Sookie Stackhouse series. It is an 8 book set, and I am going to start on those soon. Bad side effect? I have been having vampire dreams (damn it all to hell). I guess that is what happens when I immerse myself into things like that... I cannot help it, I have an addictive personality!

And lookie here... I just paid more for my eBooks than I could have paid to get them as actual books! Oh well, I love my eReader.

So, sometime soon I will try to do something fun and entertaining... aside from dying my hair pink again. I do get plenty of entertainment from my kids though. Saturday nights are game night here in the house; this past Saturday we were playing Clue. My oldest son lost first, then my youngest son lost. The youngest son wanted to see the cards to know "who dunnit?". The oldest told him "No, if you see them you will yell it out then everyone will know." To which the youngest replied, "I WON'T YELL IT OUT! I PROMISE!"
That had me laughing so hard, and I decided that family game night could not happen unless the youngest has been medicated.


Mary said...

Laura, I am so happy to hear that your friend is ok. Well, ok in the sense that it isn't worse. She still has a weary road ahead of her, but you are right...if she takes care of her health that is half the battle right there:)
Don't worry about taking some time off. Sometimes, you just need some 'me' time and I'm glad you are getting some for yourself:)

alejandro guzman said...

I'm also am glad of the news of your friend. I also have been locked away watchng, well, the obvious Star Wars but also Buffy the Vampire slayer then lastly Firefly. It is good to escape! One last thing. Ian. S. resembles me so much.