Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Karma and Emotional Vampires

I believe in Karma. For those of you who do not know, Karma, simply put, means "action". It is the basic belief that whatever happens to you, good or bad, is brought about by your own actions. Karma does not mean revenge. If someone upsets you and you get even that is not Karma, that is revenge. If you take revenge on someone be prepared to face your own Karma.

I fully believe that whatever someone does against me will be repaid to them without my help. Why do anything that will cause more problems unto me? I make a conscious decision to remove negativity from my life because I learned the negativity of others feeds upon me.
The people in your life that just drain you emotionally are called emotional vampires. Emotional vampires are no where near as sexy as real vampires. According to a PsychCentral article written by THERESE J. BORCHARD there are five types of emotional vampires:

Vampire 1: The Narcissist. This vampire is grandiose, self-important, attention hogging, and hungry for admiration. They are often charming and intelligent–until their guru status is threatened.

Vampire 2: The Victim. This vampire thinks the world is against them, and demands that others rescue them.

Vampire 3: The Controller. This vampire has an opinion about everything, thinks he or she knows what’s best for you, has a rigid sense of right and wrong, and needs to dominate.

Vampire 4: The Criticizer. This vampire feels qualified to judge you, belittle you, and bolster their own ego by making you feel small and ashamed.

Vampire 5: The Splitter. This vampire may treat you like their BFF one day, and then mercilessly attack you the next day when they feel like they were wronged. They are often threatening rageaholics who revel in keeping others on an emotional roller-coaster.
The article also lists strategies in dealing with these types of vampires... I normally just avoid them or cut them out of my life. I have no patience for it anymore. For the most part, I believe that all emotional vampires are narcissistic. In all situations the word revolves around them, they believe the attention is due to them or owed to them, and no not care how it makes others feel; more often than not they are unwilling to try to change their draining behaviors and do not believe they have a problem to begin with! They just keep coming to you with their problems, feeding off of you, but make no effort to change. It is like an evil merry-go-round... they keep coming to you with the same problems over and over and over; it is the same drama every day, and of course it is not their fault! Psssh... whatever....

I just say not to let other people dictate your mood. A person only has as much power over you as you let them have. I have been so much happier since I have released the emotional vampires from my life. Every now and again I will get into a draining situation, but I have learned to woosah, Om, or whatever and not let it get to me. It took me YEARS to get to this point, but I am much happier and better off since I learned how to deal with it all. 

In the end just remember that no matter what someone brings upon you, Karma will take care of it in the end.  

Namaste bitches!


alejandro guzman said...

1 through 5 is me!!!
you drama Llama hehe. Very good points made in this post as we don't need the negativity that just brings us down.

So to all Emotional Vampires, "Bite Me!"


Jan said...

true words here, true words. I have put many of the same types out of my life as well, including a husband. (not the present one.)

Kriti said...

Beautiful post - I will be more aware now. Thanks a ton for sharing : )

Jim said...

"I learned the negativity of others feeds upon me."
I'm amazed at how many people are so negative. And as you observe them through life, they seem to have all sorts of issues, one after the other.
We're both very optimistic and positive types and good fortune collects around us.
So yes, I believe you tend to attract the karma you exude! I may own up , just a wee bit, to being somewhere close to a number 3...if my wife isn't around.

SJ said...

I love drama llama - i'm so using that for someone I know. I do exactly the same as you, because as soon as you let one of them hang on that's it they are there until they've drained the life out of you.

Larry Lewis said...

Being a hairy werewolf talking about vampires and karma, i quote a proverb - "Before you begin on the journey of revenge, dig two graves"

Bongo said...

Watch out...I bite...As always...XOXOXO

Jorie Pacli said...

Good points! You're not telling me off right? You shouldn't, it might haunt you back... Just kidding... Loved your post and thanks for sharing...:)

Mary said...

Laura, I loved this! I don't know that I will ever look at negativity around me quite the same way ever again :) Thanks for sharing this!

Marilyn said...

I have no use for vampires!
I seem to marry quite a few of them though...

cath said...

We call these types personality disorders in psych. :D Avoid them at all costs. There is no cure for them. My karma seems to involve planes and flying.

Good post!