Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Government Shutdown and What It Meant To Us

Things around here have been insane, I mean absolutely insane. I had heard over a month ago that my husband may not be getting paid this month because the lovely people voted into office could not agree to and pass a budget. I decided not to worry about it or believe the rumors till I got word from a credible source. Even as I got word from a credible source I decided not to worry knowing we had enough money in savings to last a month over here. I started to get angry when we all got word that our commissary would close if the budget was not passed.

The commissary is where we all go to get our grocery shopping done. It is the only place we can go to get real American food since the Germans think that American food only consists of macaroni and cheese. It is where we shop and can afford to shop because the American dollar is so piss poor compared to the Euro.

I went to the commissary yesterday after work to get some things for a BBQ I was holding, and OMG you would think the world was ending! The parking lot was PACKED, more than half of the shopping carts were gone, people were stocking their carts like the world was ending! I just wanted chips, burgers, hamburger buns, and soda! I ran into Michelle the "Rib" when I was there and she asked me if I was Millennium shopping too. I told her no, but looking around you would think that the commissary was going to close forever! I half expected to walk in there and see the shelves empty!

Faced with the possibility of a government shutdown was very scary for those of us stationed overseas. How were we going to pay rent (for those like me who do not live on post)? How were we going to pay utilities (once again for those like me who live off post)? How were we going to afford to eat? Was the clinic going to remain open? Were we going to have to pay the INSANE gas prices on the economy (it is like $8 a gallon here)? The people on post did not worry about losing their homes or having their bank account overdrawn for rent or utilities due to a standing payment order to the landlord... my neighbors and I were worried. I was worried that I might lose my job since the company I work for is contracted by the American government.

So last night I had a BBQ with my friends and neighbors. We ate a LOT of great food (my Filipino neighbor made some AWESOME food), had some drinks, and talked about anything but the budget. It was fun and drama free... just what we needed.

I decided last night that because of all this budget bullshit that Americans should take a stand at the next elections. Everyone that is in office now should be voted out next election. EVERYONE. I don't give a shit if they are Democrat, Republican, or Independent. They all need to go. Every one of them proved that they are all childish fucktards that care more about their own agenda and lobbyist issues than the needs of the American people. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. If that was not true than this would have been resolved a long time ago.

Way to go politicians. Because of you there was a lot of panic, anger, fear, and you almost created a riot to match what we see in other parts of the world. Why? Because you wanted to add things to the bill to appease your lobby groups and keep getting your money from them; not caring the whole time what would happen to the people who volunteered to protect America and fight for other countries, not caring what would happen to everyone who depends on the government one way or the other. Why should it bother you? Not like you were ever in danger of losing a paycheck. Assholes.


YogaSavy said...

Politicians are the same everywhere! Here we face major issues on corruption and I mean big time! Although the hunger strike is over and some mutual decisions have been formed it will take years to change...
Hope things work out for those that are supporting and fighting for USA

alejandro guzman said...

To be honest I have kept up with the news of late so don't truly understand what's going on. Yet, it's everywhere these days as pollies are in it for themselves, it's just a paycheck at the end of the day not here for the ones that voted them in..
Good on you for being so Fucking Pissed off!


The Household 6 Diva said...

I agree - the implications for military families stationed overseas were very scary! Yes we would have access to food on the economy. Yes our military services would have done the best possible job to help us through. But this issue and lack of decision should NOT have lasted to the very last minute.

Mary said...

Amen Sister! You nailed it right on the head! I sure hope people wake up and smell the coffee before the 2012 elections or we can kiss our asses goodbye. I don't think we can withstand another 4 yrs of this shit!

Bongo said...

too bad we with the real brains and compassion aren't the ones running the world...hang in....As Always...XOXOXOXO