Sunday, April 17, 2011

Köln and people, not too shabby!

So here is my attempt at photographing people. I had fun, and they were happy at my attempts to take pictures... so here goes!
This little girl's eyes had me captivated. I am not sure why, but I could not stop staring at her through lunch!

Such a happy little girl!

My friend's daughter with her tongue perpetually sticking out!

I am not sure how I took this picture and made my daughter look like she was never there and I photo-shopped her in!
Damn the barrier thingie, but she got a good pregnancy pic in an epic spot!

I still have no idea what he was making....

Beautiful! I was thoroughly impressed with her artwork! 

He barked at me after I gave him a donation!

This man was having so much fun playing with and posing with the street artists!

Not quite sure what she was supposed to be, but I love her look; such a soulful look to her eyes.

This was pretty good, but I HATED the nose!

I wonder how much time it takes these people to get ready in the morning??

Charlie caught me sneaking a pic of him!
My daughter eating some strawberry gelato

I swear everywhere we turned there were men standing on the side of the road to take a piss!!!

So there you go, I do think it will take some time and practice but I will get better at taking pictures of people... I just really do not like posed photgraphs!


Corinne Rodrigues said...

These are really lovely Laura. Except for the last one - we see enough of the pissers on the wall in India - yuck!

alejandro guzman said...

Nice work Laura. I really like jaundice man. Did you kick the puppy after he barked at you?

Your daughter is very pretty was it photoshopped?


Laura said...

The only photo-shopping I did on the picture of my daughter in front of the cathedral was to try to make her skin a little darker since the flash drown her skin tone out... She would not let me take more pics of her. She was really standing there!!! I swear!!!!

YogaSavy said...

Great photos Laura! Regarding the man taking a pis well you can capture those and many of them here in India!

Jan said...

Nice pictures. Pictures of people can be tough. I take 20 or so of my grandkids before I get one that is good. Itis always fun.
What a great place you had for backdrops. Good Job I say Good job.