Monday, April 25, 2011

It's All About Him

Yesterday I was watching a movie when the daughter came downstairs to let me know the husband was online and wanted to talk to me... so I paused the movie (which was Hereafter, btw) and got in front of the computer...

"Hey babe!"

Nothing... no response.... for 5 minutes! So I logged out of Facebook and resumed watching the movie.

Ten minutes later the daughter comes downstairs again...



"SGT Jekyll!"- OK, she really did not call him that... I call him that.

So I pause the movie YET AGAIN and go and log into Facebook YET AGAIN.

Me- "You there"

Two minutes later- "Yes, I am."

Then nothing... finally 4 minutes after that he asks me: "How do I send you an article?"

Me- "You copy the URL and paste it into the chat box."

Five minutes later, nothing...

"What article?"

"You will see when I send it to you."

Still nothing...

Me- "If you press Ctrl C that copies and Ctrl V pastes as well... it just takes seconds!"

Him- "It won't let me"
"I gotta run, I will call you in a bit"

Now to him a bit can mean a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days... so I went back to my movie. A minute later he called.

He tells me that there is an article on AKO (Army Knowledge Online) that talks about what they are doing and there is a picture of him. So I log into AKO and check all of the news links... nothing.

"Babe, it isn't here."

"Just keep refreshing the page! It will pop up!"

"It does not work that way!"

Finally he tells me that it is on the login page BEFORE you sign in. I finally find the picture with this caption...
U.S. Army Sgt. Jerkyll (I changed the name people!), a Brainerd, Minn., native, now a team leader with 4th Platoon, C Company, 40th Engineer Battalion, 170th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, leaves the bizarre at (location redacted) in Afghanistan, during a patrol, April 14. (Photo by U.S. Army)
Hahahahaha!! They misspelled his name!!!! I proceeded to call him by the misspelled name for the rest of the phone call.

Me- "That is not an article! That is a featured photo!"

Him- "It is an article!"

Me- "No it isn't!!! It is a photo with a caption!"

Him- "No, it is an article!"

Me- "Fine, it is an article... all about you... the whole world wants to know who this Sgt. Jerkyll is!"

Him- "I don't know, but whoever that guy is I am going to kick his ass for getting my name wrong! I told him how to spell it like 10 times!"

He then asked me if my hair was still two-toned. I told him it was. He said that I am such a beautiful blonde, why would I want to have that ugly pink in it? I told him that I could do it here, it is ok here, I can have my job with it here and no one looks twice at me. I cannot do it Stateside, so just let me do it while I am here!!! He said "Fine, keep the pink; get it out of your system!" I love my husband!!!

He always says: "Honey, I did not marry a freak."

To which I reply: "Uh, yes... you did."


Jan said...


Finding One's Way said...

Lovely xoxo

Jim said...

Nice one Laura. I can empathise with what he's doing over there. We had 6 months of our son in Basra and Baghdad when the British Army was in Iraq. Contact with those back home is so important.

alejandro guzman said...

It's an article?

Lucky man... to have a pink haired vampiress waiting for him


Mary said...

Hey Laura! Wonderful article...or was it a post?
Gotta love men! And let him know that 'two-tone' hair isn't could mean kinky??? Whatever :) May he stay healthy and safe over there.

Larry Lewis said...

We men never forget wht's important even when we are far away from our loved ones - top marks to him for noticing your hair change, I'd never not notice when my mrs has her hair done ... it was too painful the first time i did

Bongo said...

LOLOLOL I loved this...and Pink hair is the bomb always...XOXOXO

pottymouthmommy said...

I thought he was from Tex-ASS!! :P

I love your pink hair- and if it wasn't such an all-fired pain in the arse would keep mine different colors as well.. But I would probably go with the blue... I liked it the best on me. Pink is most definitely your color!! Enjoy it while you can!!

sukanyabora said...

hi, first time commentor and new to the group. i admire you for what you do everyday as a military wife. whenever my hubby is out on a trip, i struggle being a single parent-and whine and bitch about the whole situation. and then i think of women like you, who gives me the much necessary jolt, puts things in perspective for me and i thank you for that.

Aunt Janie said...

Loved it.....not the pink hair, though. But, you know that already. I couldn't tell that was "him" in the picture. Could you? Love ya much.

Laura said...

@pottymouthmommy He was born in TX, his family now lives in Minnesota.

@Aunt Janie, when he said that I thought of you... because that is something you would say!

@everyone else- Thank you so much!