Friday, April 15, 2011

The question is...

Can I photograph people? I love taking pictures, and friends have asked me to take pictures of them, but I am so scared! What if they look HORRIBLE?!?!?!

Today I went over to my neighbors back yard. Her cats were outside playing and I "happened" to have my camera with me (well I DID get my new lens in today). Cats are so easy to take pictures of...

Take Draco for example:
He just lays around like a lazy is hard to take a picture when they blink every time the camera flashes though.

Since it was daylight out I did not have to use a flash on her kitties...

Meet Joey!
 He was their rescue kitty!

J.C. was not a rescue kitty... they paid for him.
J.C. stands for Jean Claude by the way... yes they did name him that.

The last kitty, I cannot remember his name for the life of me, but he is a Persian like J.C.
And they are all shaved (with the exception of Joey) because my neighbor did not realize Persians need to be brushed daily... she knows now!!

As for my broken camera lens, I found a repair shop in Georgia that will look at it and hopefully fix it for me! I am off to Köln tomorrow with the daughter... so maybe then I can see how well I photograph people (if she lets me).


Anonymous said...

That last kitty you took a picture of, looked very angry! I'm surprised you got out without a scratch. However, JC looked so beautiful surrounded by all those wonderful flowers. Your camera picks up every hue in every color. Maybe you should be a photographer, huh? Love Ya, AJ

Jewell said...

Beautiful pictures lady! I know what you mean about them closing their eyes...I get more "Duuuude, pass the blunt and the Doritos" pictures out of my cats than I care to count. You did good! Can't wait to see your pictures with people!! Have an awesome weekend! xo

Jessica Brant said...

Your cats are lovely and the photos capture them perfectly. Woul love to se what you can do with people. Ya never know what doors will open for you.

Michelle said...

You can SSSOOOO photograph people! Dont be scared! And the more you practice the better you will get! Hope to see you soon! Have fun in Koln!


Jim said...

Cats are easy to photograph as you say, without the flash. But trying to take a good shot of my dog is impossible as she will not look each time a camera is pointed at her.

Btw, careful with taking photos of Ethiopia last August taking photos in some places got them very upset.

Yes I Blog said...

Great shots of the kitties! I'm sure you can take fabulous shots of people!!!

YogaSavy said...

1. says Just try to
2. says elegance
3. Don't think of it
4. I bite

alejandro guzman said...

I'm allergic..aaaaachew!!!

Good pics there my lady


Mary said...

Laura, been out for the weekend so I am a little late getting to everyone's post. My apologies.

Your photos are excellent! Can't wait to see what you do with your 'people' shots! I have a feeling you will do very well:)