Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Children, They Are My Kryptonite!

Yes lovely readers whom I love so much, it is RANT TIME AGAIN!

You know what bugs me just as much if not more than army wives (for my rant on army wives look here)? Children. Yes, I do not like children. I will not say that I dislike ALL children, just the ones that have no idea what discipline is, or how to act in public...

I love to shop, but I hate having my lovely shopping trip ruined by a child screaming, kicking, and yelling at the top of their lungs because they did not get a toy or candy or SOMETHING they wanted. And what is the parent doing? Standing there ignoring them or calmly saying "No Junior (or Princess, or Spawn of Satan). Not today. Maybe next time", or they give in and get them whatever they are screaming about! Worse yet? They PRETEND like they are getting them what they are screaming over then tell the cashier to hide it once they get to checkout! If I am in a store and see/hear that I will turn around and walk out. I can shop later. Being around children like that give me a migraine and raise my blood pressure so high that I want to spank the kid myself (that is why I walk out- if I did not, I would be spanking someone else's child).

 Does this look familiar??? A swat on the ass would stop that tantrum quick as shit!

I went to the PX the other day and they were giving out free tickets to some children's movie... I politely declined. Why? It's FREE!!!! Well because that would mean that I would be in a confined area FULL of screaming, chatting, obnoxious children. My kids can wait till it comes out on DVD to see it.

I hate going somewhere and seeing children running around like lunatics causing people to trip over them. Where are the parents? Chatting it up with someone not paying any attention to their child.

I think it is really sad that people feel the need to comment on how well behaved my children are. I mean, I appreciate the compliment, I really do, but why should it be remarked on with surprise in their voice? Why do my children behave? Because I DISCIPLINE them! Yes, I spanked my children.

No I never beat them... there IS a difference people! It is ok to spank your kids, I could care less what the government or other lawmakers say, and I could really give a shit less about what other people say! My children are not afraid of me, my children talk to me and come to me if they have problems, and spanking them did not teach them to hit.

I prefer friends that have older children or no children so that I do not have to deal with it. I cringe when I am invited out with friends that have small children because I am afraid of developing the kid migraine. I do have a few friends with small children and I am ok with having them over or going places with them because their children behave and LISTEN to their parents! The children do not demand attention and create a constant disruption. That is how children SHOULD be!
My well behaved (most of the time) children.


alejandro guzman said...

Let's never get together for a BBQ. Just saying :)


Mary said...

I have to admit that I must have been really blessed! Neither of my two children ever acted that way anywhere and I hate to think of what I would have done if they had! Of course, they push my buttons more than my husbands, but they have learned when to stop pushing:)

Laura said...

All I have to do now is give my kids "the look" and they tone it right down!

Finding One's Way said...

I can't stand when children scream It breaks my heart. I have to agree it drives me insane especially when I need to get away from my own kids.
What drives me even more nuts is when teens are disrespectful and fell they have the right to curse at you. I was to hall off and slap them across the face.

Jan said...

Apparently I have a look. My kids call it the MOM look. It will stop them cold even now,(they are all adults), they say my mother has the same one as does my oldest daughter. I talked a lot to my kids and participated in their lives. Makes a difference if you know your kids.
I spanked mine too, though they rarely needed it.

Beth said...

Ha! Excellent post, and I thought it was me or just my overactive bipolar senses, I'm normal after all thank God :) It drives me insane when parents continue to call their kids "sweetie" or "darling" when they are having a major 1 freaky in the supermarket or bribe them with sweets, when I would have yanked mine out and home until they know how to behave in public. Yes I spank and continue to do so if needed. I discipline "1970's style" - lol, it didn't do me any harm when I was raised back then :)