Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring is in the air!

The weather here has been beautiful! 

Spring is in the air 

the trees are budding 

and flowers are blooming

I had to pick up the camera and go outside and take some pictures of the blossoming beauty

and after all of that I came inside and made dessert

Next weekend I am supposed to be going to Köln with some friends. I just ordered a new camera lens to replace the one I broke, I am hoping it will get in before the trip.

Luxembourg is coming soon as well, and medieval markets, and a lot of other things that Germany and Europe have to offer.

Basically I wanted to share my pictures.


Louise said...

Lovely pics! (especially the cake!) lol...thanks for sharing...I love Spring. : )

Mary said...

And the bees are buzzing:)

Great photos!
Can you send me a piece of cake?? Looks really yummy:)