Friday, February 4, 2011

Pictures with Stories....

Every photo says something special...

This photo is all about my addiction... Oh coffee how do I love thee?

 One day while waiting for my husband these German vehicle thingies drove by... trust me, they are WAY cooler in person!

This picture says "Damnit Laura, would you stop with the photos?" Sooner or later my family will get used to me taking pics like paparazzi. 

This, dear friends is what my husbands idea of helping the Girls Scouts means. He bought 2 cases (that is 24 boxes people!!!) of Girl Scout cookies... I shit you not. 

My dear, sweet hubby... TGIF, right? It was before 7 pm and he passed out an the loveseat... poor guy. 

Why? I dunno. This is a jar of Miracle Whip I bought in the German store. Typo? I really should do a blog on  things that make me giggle in the German stores.

This is my 11 year old daughter, she is just beginning to get used to me taking pictures of her... if you look close you can see her glaring at me from the corner of her eyes.

This is the necklace she wears ever day. I think it is her own personal way of preparing for the deployment. She took it really hard the last time. 

My son (in red) and his friend playing Call of Duty: Black Ops I believe. I could be wrong. My whole family is a bunch of gamers. I am the lone duck who is fine with just playing Sonic the Hedgehog or Tetris... and even then it is rare if I play a video game.  

Tomorrow I am going to take my son shopping for a gift for his friend (pictured here) because it is his birthday. Maybe I will take along the camera... there has got to be SOMETHING to take photos of!!!


Bianca said...

Ur a spaz gurl..but I luvs ya to death....LoL

SJ said...

LOL that's a shed load of cookies :)

What is Miracle Whip? or should it be Miracel Whip? It looks like Mayo.