Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am slacking today.

I would do a Top Ten post today, but I am cleaning my room and watching movies with the family tonight.

I have been running all over post today running errands for myself and my husband. I still have schoolwork to do tonight and I have not even read any of my materials (what is new?).

Good news is the alterations shop FINALLY has multi-cam name tapes, but I already put in an order for 8 in K-Town... I still had more to order for other soldiers, so it is all good.

Bad news is the entire town was coated in a nice layer of ice this morning and everywhere I went (Java Cafe, Burger King, alterations, work to get my keys, CMR, Commissary, PX, Power Zone, hubby's work, home) I slid/slipped (never fell). The issue with that is I had surgery on my right knee the day after Thanksgiving, so slipping caused me to twist my knee or something and now it is all swollen and painful... grrr...

Have a lovely Thursday all, I will try to be entertaining tomorrow!


Wantusi said...

Sorry to hear about your knee, and you slipping.. That sounds horrible. There is also quite a bit of ice and snow here. Hope you take care of that swelling.. :)

SJ said...

Ouch sounds nasty, hope you are resting it!