Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Fun Is Over

Spain was fun, Paris was a blast... now we are home.

The husband re enlisted in the Army for another 4 years and we are on assignment. We are leaving Germany and moving to Alaska. Yes, I am happy and excited about the move, but at the same time I am freaking out and my head is spinning. Why? Let me explain...

The brigade here in Baumholder is disbanding, which would be the same as a company or factory closing down. Some people are being transferred to other locations, some people are getting out of the army, and some are being kicked out of the army.

The majority of people that are staying in the army are moving to other locations. All at roughly the same time frame. Over 4000 families all trying to get out of here at the same time. Most of everyone here do not even have their orders yet. The orders are what is needed to make things official really. Without orders no one can get their belongings packed up and shipped out, no one can ship their vehicle to where they are going, no one can get their airline tickets. There are not enough personnel to assist everyone with this process to make it smoother. It is really frustrating, and at this moment I am feeling very overwhelmed.

I am doing everything that I can do without the orders, but the other issue is that the date we are eligible to return overseas (DEROS) is almost two months BEFORE the date my husband is supposed to report to his new duty station. He asked me if I wanted to go Stateside first and travel... no. We have three cats that will be traveling with us and that would make things way too stressful on us and them. So we are going straight to Alaska. Fine. So where are we going to stay? I checked military lodging and they are booked solid for the time frame in which we are leaving here. That leaves us having to get a hotel room off post. Fine. That will deplete some of our funds that I wanted to use for first months rent, deposit, utility hook ups, etc for our new place (wherever that might be).

Our DEROS is also just barely over a month from now... and still no orders. We leave in a month and a half (roughly) and all of our belongings are still here, our car is still here, we have no tickets out of this place... I just want to cry.

In addition to all this I have to take the cats to the vet next week, take my daughter in to see a doctor to see if she has depression or not so that they know whether she needs to be on EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program), take my son to the doctor for the same reason but for his ADHD. I am highly annoyed right now. DON'T FUCK WITH ME! Just get what I need done, DONE, and let us be on our way!!!

I am normally able to handle stress, but sometimes there is so much that all happens at once and you need to be reminded to just take a step back and breathe.


Mary Hudak-Collins said...

Ahhh Laura...our blogs are a wonderful place to vent! It sounds like you definitely have your plate full. I am so 'there' with you right now so I feel your pain. Stop and sit down for a moment and enjoy a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine. You are leaving a place that you may never see again. Take in the many wonders that you have enjoyed over the years. Then, get what you can get done when you can. The rest will fall into place. It may continue to be hectic, but I have faith that you will work it all out and before you know it, you will be on your way and living in Alaska! How exciting that would be. We have a fellow blogger that lives there...Anna (I think her last name is Walls?). Maybe shoot her a message and she could help out a little with information? Just a thought, LOL.
I really hope all goes well, and smoothly! Keep your chin up girl ☺

Janeangier said...

Oh, Laura! I hoped you would be at least stopping by to see us before you went on to Alaska. I guess I'll have to just wave at you as you fly over on your way to another destination just as far away. Well, just relax and remember that the army are the ones under all this stress because THEY have to get you packed and THEY have to transport all of you to Alaska. I wish you all well in this move. Miss you bunches and love you more.....Aunt Janie

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